On Wednesday, the Federal Communications Commission voted to prevent the Internet privacy rules (passed in October 2016) from fully taking effect. The provision would have held Internet service providers to a more stringent standard of privacy and data security than web sites and apps. Jamie Winterton of Arizona State University’s Global Security Initiative is available to comment on the data privacy and security implications of this ruling. Some of the topics Winterton can address: ·What were the arguments for and against this provision? Isn’t more data security always a good thing? ·How would the cancelled provision have affected the day-to-day internet usage of the average consumer? ·How will the setting aside of the rule affect us in the short term? And in the long term? ·Where do we go from here? What can we expect from the FCC on this topic moving forward? Jamie Winterton is the Director of Strategy for ASU’s Global Security Initiative, where she creates novel solutions for multifaceted and disparate problem spaces. Winterton coordinates and participates in defense and security related research, with a special emphasis on cybersecurity. She also chairs the university's DARPA Working Group. Her work at the intersection of defense and cybersecurity gives her a unique and valuable perspective on this increasingly salient issue. Please contact Jamie Winterton directly at [email protected].