Newswise — President-elect Barack Obama and a new Congress face challenges ranging from the economy to a tangled foreign policy picture in Europe and the Middle East. Experts at North Carolina State University can place these challenges in their proper context and offer insight into what we can expect from our nation's new leaders.

Dr. Andrew Taylor, professor and chair of the Department of Political Science at North Carolina State University, is an authority on the White House, Congress and public policy who can address questions related to key political challenges facing the new president and Congress.

Dr. Michael Walden, William Neal Reynolds Distinguished Professor of Agricultural and Resource Economics at NC State, is an expert on consumer economics, economic outlook and public policy.

Dr. William Boettcher, associate professor of political science at NC State, is an expert on U.S. foreign policy " with a specific focus on public opinion and the military situation in Iraq and Afghanistan. Boettcher's work also addresses military strategy, counterinsurgency efforts and potential exit strategies for the conflicts.

Mark Nance, lecturer in political science at NC State, is an expert on international relations in Europe who can address international concerns ranging from relations regarding Russian and Georgia to the financial crisis gripping both Europe and the United States.

Dr. Richard C. Kearney, professor and director of the School of Public and International Affairs at NC State, , is an authority on labor, environmental and energy policy " including "green collar" jobs, infrastructure and climate change.

Steve Kalland, director of the North Carolina Solar Center at NC State, is an authority on national energy policy, particularly on renewable energy and energy efficiency.

Dr. Kenneth S. Zagacki, professor and head of the Communication Department at NC State, can provide expert insight into Obama's rhetorical tone and what that can tell us about his future presidency.

Dr. Glenn Kleiman, executive director of NC State's Friday Institute for Educational Innovation, can address education policy and funding questions " including No Child Left Behind " as well as future education challenges that will be faced by the incoming White House administration.

Dr. Jere Confrey, Joseph D. Moore Distinguished University Professor of Mathematics Education at NC State, is a national authority on science and math education who can address a host of education problems that the Obama presidency and the new Congress will have to address " including the need to develop more fair and valid math testing; develop new approaches to address low high school graduation rates; improve college readiness at the secondary-school level; and replace math and science teachers who are retiring or leaving the education field " especially in high-poverty settings.

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