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Current Food Based System To Help Maintain Healthy Blood Sugar and Cholesterol Levels Does Not Work

Advances in Science Show Nutrients Are the Key

MIAMI, FLA., . . March 18, '01 . . "The traditional regimen of picking foods based on nutritional content and taking medications to control blood sugar and cholesterol levels is not working for many diabetics," Stacey Bell DSc, RD, Chief Scientist, Functional Foods, Inc., told conferees attending the Diabetes Health Expo at the Miami Beach Convention Center today. The event it sponsored by the Diabetes Research Wellness Foundation in cooperation with the Joslin Diabetes Center of the Harvard Medical School and the Diabetes Research Institute of the University of Miami School of Medicine.

"If you follow your doctor's advice, exercise you may do 'OK.' However, you have to remember to do quite a few things - diet, exercise and take multiple medicines. If you supplement this approach with carefully selected amounts of key nutrients such as psyllium, and fructose and barley, red yeast rice and willow bark, you may do better.

"Recent advances in our understanding of nutrition can help people with diabetes maintain healthy blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Five years ago this science did not exist. Today, research is telling us that there is a role for nutrients, which are not typically consumed even by someone who eats a healthy diet.

"Nutritional research is growing at a very rapid rate. We now understand that foods and ingredients can provide far more than basic energy for the body. Research is showing us how specific nutrients when used in combination with a weight loss diet and exercise program can help maintain a healthy weight. Research is showing us how specific nutrients can affect blood sugar and cholesterol levels and maintain healthy blood clotting function.

"We know compliance with a restricted diet and a regimen of multiple medicines is a significant health issue. We know people are taking supplements, based on 'word of mouth' recommendations. We also know that people have a zero chance of getting the right mix of nutrients. We have looked at the science and have taken the guesswork out of the buying process of supplements. We have made it easy for the consumer. We believe our new functional food, Level Best (tm), a new beverage/tablet combination made with a proprietary blend of supplements taken twice a day with lunch and dinner, will improve blood sugar and blood lipid levels. We are the first company to bring to market a food product which address both conditions," Bell said.

Level Best (tm) is designed to help patients meet the goals of therapy for diabetes, which include maintaining healthy blood glucose levels and heart health. The product includes several nutrients that have been clinically shown to manage fasting blood glucose levels. These nutrients include fiber from psyllium, and fructose and barley, due to their unique ability not to increase blood glucose and insulin levels great amounts. Red yeast rice is included because it has been shown to manage healthy blood lipids. Willow bark augments the body's natural blood clotting system.

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