Newswise — The Summer 2014 issue of Johns Hopkins Nursing magazine is all about getting out there, taking action, and not just talking about doing it: "walking the walk." How better to describe a new HIV curriculum built by Associate Professor Jason Farley, PhD, MPH, CRNP, that, among other groundbreaking methods, will put students face to face with their biases in order to overcome them (“HIV Care Corps")? Or “Other Lives” nurse Barbara Maliszewski’s efforts to feed the hungry (“From Swamp to Surplus”)? Or student Brittany Kelly’s determination to make a difference on the East Baltimore streets she knew as a kid (“Staying Power”)? Or Instructor Mary Donnelly’s community- and health-building hikes (“Walking the Walk")? Or hospital nurses' determination to find a way to make sure "No One Dies Alone"?

Other features introduce you to the Fuld Fellows, students and former students who have made a difference on patient safety, and the newly launched Master's Entry into Nursing program, which will put graduate nurses at a win-win crossroads.

In "On the Issue," Dean Patricia Davidson, PhD, MEd, RN, talks about the distinctive experience for students (nursing, pharmacy, medicine, public health) on Hopkins' East Baltimore campus, where opportunities for interprofessional education and cooperation are simply a way of life.

The issue's "Bench to Bedside" section highlights the year in scholarly publications by faculty -- and students -- of the School of Nursing.

And throughout, images and illustrations fill the issue with color.

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