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Newswise — Rockville, Md. (April 17, 2024)—The lipids in kidney tubular segments (used to carry filtered nutrients to and from the blood) are unknown. In this study, researchers identified, counted and compared more than 500 types of fats. Significant compositional differences were observed among the three tubular segments. This large-scale study of pathways and networks of lipids helps regulate highly specific physiological functions. Obesity profoundly impacts the lipotype of a segment of the renal tubule responsible for the reabsorption and secretion of various solutes and water. The findings in this study allowed researchers to present a comprehensive lipidomic analysis of three outer layer segments of mouse kidney tubules.

“The valuable resource provides unparalleled detail that enhances our understanding of tubular physiology and the potential impact of pathophysiological conditions,” the research team wrote.

Read the full article, “Lipidomic profiling of kidney cortical tubule segments identifies lipotypes with physiological implications,” published ahead of print in the journal Function. Contact APS Media Relations or call 301.634.7314 to schedule an interview with a member of the research team.

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