Newswise — The Metabolic Weight Loss Program, a new initiative at LifeBridge Health & Fitness in Pikesville, Md., can help a person lose weight with some breaths of air, a few facts and figures, and a grocery list. The program focuses on a person’s metabolism, the process through which food is converted into energy.

“We know that during the holidays it is hard to keep off those unwanted pounds. But we are here to help with our Metabolic Weight Loss Program,” said Steve Adamski, personal training team leader for LifeBridge Health & Fitness. “This program literally gives you a metabolic blueprint of exactly how many calories you burn while at rest. We can use this information to tailor a plan to fit a person’s exact weight loss needs.”

This “metabolic blueprint” is determined through a simple breathing test. A participant breathes into a tube attached to a machine, which calculates his or her metabolic rate. Once the metabolic rate is determined, other factors such as health history, eating preferences and exercise habits are assessed. This information is then used to create a detailed, individualized weight loss program. This includes a meal plan, complete with a detailed grocery list.

“We offer more than 40 different meal plans,” said Adamski. “So if a person likes Italian food, we can create a plan for him or her. No matter what a person’s preference, we’ll find a plan he or she likes.”

Once the plan is established, LifeBridge Health & Fitness offers coaches to help the participant stay on track through his or her weight loss journey.

LifeBridge Health & Fitness is one of the Baltimore area’s premier health and fitness centers, offering a full range of wellness programs. It is a part of LifeBridge Health, one of the largest, most comprehensive providers of health services in northwest Baltimore. LifeBridge Health includes Sinai Hospital, Northwest Hospital, Levindale Hebrew Geriatric Center and Hospital, Courtland Gardens Nursing & Rehabilitation Center, and related subsidiaries and affiliates.

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