WHO: American University expert Guy Ziv WHAT: Current Tensions in the Middle East and Looking Ahead

WHEN: July 10 - ongoing

WHERE: In-Studio, via telephone, or at American University

Washington, D.C. -- The broken Middle East peace process, the fragile Palestinian unity government, Netanyahu’s “Protective Edge” operation and threats to send ground troops into Gaza, the threat to Israel posed by Hamas, and the U.S.’s reluctance to be dragged back into the regional conflict have contributed to the worst crisis in Israeli-Palestinian relations in years. When combined with rumors of a third Intifada that could target the Palestinian Authority, Israel, or both, the likelihood of a quick resolution grows less likely with each passing day.

Guy Ziv, American University School of International Service professor, is an expert on Israeli politics, the Middle East peace process, U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East, and the role of political elites in the Arab-Israeli conflict. Ziv is author of the forthcoming book, Why Hawks Become Doves: Shimon Peres and Foreign Policy Change in Israel.

Additionally, Ziv possesses a strong policy background having worked at the U.S. Department of State, on Capitol Hill, and for leading non-profit organizations that promote American involvement in Israeli-Palestinian peacemaking. Ziv’s op-eds have appeared in both American and Israeli newspapers, such as Haaretz, The Jerusalem Post, Newsday, USA Today, and Ynet News.

Ziv is available to discuss:• Recent rise in tensions after the kidnapping and killing of three Israeli youth and a Palestinian youth;• How Israeli and Palestinian leaders are failing their people;• How Israel can protect itself, while also trying to wage peace;• The two state solution as the only viable solution versus alternatives and the status quo;• Fracturing support for Abbas in the West Bank;• The fragility of the Palestinian unity government;• The Egyptian government’s poor relationship with Hamas;• Rioting in East Jerusalem;• Iran’s role in the conflict; and,• What can be expected from the Obama administration.