Newswise — MELVILLE, N.Y., Feb. 16, 2023 — The Journal of Chemical Physics and the APS Division of Chemical Physics announced Haiming Zhu as the winner of the JCP-DCP Future of Chemical Physics Lectureship. This joint award recognizes early-career scientists who are making significant contributions to chemical physics or physical chemistry.  

Haiming Zhu was selected by a committee of JCP Editors, JCP Editorial Advisory Board members, and members of the APS Division of Chemical Physics Executive Committee. Recipients are invited to speak at the Division of Chemical Physics Award Session at the APS March Meeting and submit a perspective, tutorial, or review article to The Journal of Chemical Physics. They are also awarded an honorarium of $2,000 USD, plus a travel stipend to attend the conference.

Haiming Zhu was born in Nantong, China, and received his doctorate from Emory University, but his interest in chemical physics stems from his undergraduate research at the University of Science and Technology of China. There he combined physical methods and concepts with chemistry applications and has since continued to operate at the intersection of the sciences. 

“My research field is highly interdisciplinary and at the boundary of physics, chemistry, and material science,” said Zhu. “That is exactly what nature is, as nature has no disciplines.” 

The JCP-DCP Future of Chemical Physics Lectureship award recognizes Zhu’s contributions to the understanding of the photophysical properties of emerging optoelectronic materials and processes using spatio-temporal resolved ultrafast spectroscopy. By conducting investigations into lattice movement’s influence on photogenerated carrier dynamics in optoelectronic materials, Zhu and his research group explained phenomena observed in solar cells. This work ushers in the future of high-performance optoelectronic devices, including light emission and solar-to-electricity conversion devices. 

Zhu is honored by this recognition and grateful for his team. 

“The 2022 JCP-DCP Future of Chemical Physics Lectureship is a great honor and recognition for us on what we have accomplished in the last six years,” said Zhu. “On the other hand, it’s a big motivation and encouragement for us to move further and do better in the future.” 


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