Newswise — The University of Nebraska Medical Center is one of the academic health science centers leading the development and use of virtual and augmented reality and sophisticated simulation, to educate students in the health professions.

UNMC is hosting the National Modeling & Simulation Coalition 2018 National Meeting, which will be held Sept. 25- 26 in Omaha. The meeting is being co-hosted by the Interprofessional Experiential Center for Enduring Learning (iEXCELSM ) and the National Strategic Research Institute (NSRI). The focus of the interdisciplinary meeting is on “Improving Human Performance and Effectiveness.”

Next year, UNMC will open a new, $121.8 million advanced clinical simulation facility (currently under construction) -- the Dr. Edwin Davis & Dorothy Balbach Davis Global Center for Advanced Interprofessional Learning (Davis Global Center) at 42nd and Emile streets in Omaha. Funded by state and private money, the facility is designed to transform the way health professionals learn new skills and acquire new knowledge. (See background here:

As aviation simulation changed the flight industry, AR and VR, as well as other modalities, are propelling the training of future health professionals into the next generation. The goal is to provide the highest quality of patient care and safety through the adoption of simulation to improve human performance and effectiveness in health care.

Keynote speakers are Jeffrey P. Gold, M.D., chancellor, UNMC and the University of Nebraska at Omaha; Daniel Serfaty, president/CEO, Aptima, Inc.; and Robert Amyot, M.D., president, CAE Healthcare.

Human Performance & Effectiveness: Modeling, Simulation and Visualization -- Training to Competence: (Moderator: Winston Bennett, Ph.D., Wright-Patterson Air Force Base)

Developing the Future Workforce for Modeling, Simulation and Visualization: (Moderator: Mats Johansson, EON Reality)

Modeling, Simulation and Visualization for Predictive Leadership and Decision-Making: (Moderator: Marisa Fish, USSTRATCOM)

Modeling, Simulation and Visualization: The Future is Here: (Moderator: Walter Greenleaf, Ph.D., Stanford University)

Meeting participants will have opportunities to glean information from these globally renowned experts in the topics of improving human performance, simulation and visualization. Check the website for additional details about the speakers and panelists.

The mission of the NM&SC is to create a unified national community of individuals and organizations around the modeling and simulation discipline and professional practice - and to promote and leverage modeling and simulation to better the human condition and to strengthen the national well-being.

Global industry sponsors supporting the meeting will be present with displays highlighting their organization and products/services. They include companies Karl Storz, CAE Healthcare, AVI-SPL, MultiTaction and EON Reality.

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