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Released: 21-Aug-2013 11:50 AM EDT
March on Washington’s Forgotten Influence
Hamilton College

Hamilton College Professor of Government Philip Klinkner is the co-author of The Unsteady March: The Rise and Decline of America's Commitment to Racial Equality, which received the 2000 Horace Mann Bond Book Award from Harvard University’s Afro-American Studies Department and W.E.B DuBois Institute. In this opinion piece, Klinkner focuses on white America’s fears and need for social stability, rather than a commitment to higher moral ground, as the motivation for support of civil rights for black America.

Released: 27-Jan-2011 3:00 PM EST
Valentines from Ancient Rome: Sex, Death and Lust
Hamilton College

Be mine. Yours forever. You hold the key to my heart. Hamilton College Classics Professor Barbara Gold can’t help but notice the difference between modern Valentine’s Day cards filled with sentimental sayings and ancient Romans’ wrenching expressions of love.

Released: 15-Feb-2010 11:00 AM EST
Expert Says Greek Debt Challenges Logic of EU
Hamilton College

"The Greek debt crisis has exposed the underlying contradictions of Europe's economic monetary union-- a single currency and market absent a single government--at a time when the EU is beset by growing conflicts among the member states."

Released: 22-Jan-2010 1:00 PM EST
Valentines from Ancient Rome: Sex, Death and Lust
Hamilton College

Hamilton College Classicist comments on modern vs. ancient expressions of love.

Released: 11-Aug-2009 8:40 AM EDT
Blundering into History: A Woodstock Eyewitness Remembers
Hamilton College

"Woodstock has become a favorite Sixties memory, the Sixties as they might have been, shorn of all that unpleasantness about the war, racism, etc.," says history professor and Woodstock eyewitness Maurice Isserman. Co-author of "America Divided: The Civil War of the 1960s," Isserman frequently provides expert commentary on Woodstock and other significant events of the era.

Released: 3-Jun-2009 9:00 AM EDT
Highs & Lows of Roller Coasters Explained by Expert on Coaster's 125th Birthday
Hamilton College

To thrill-seekers, the roller coaster represents the ultimate in death-defying rides. But to physicists, the ride that's celebrating its 125th birthday on June 13 is a classic illustration of gravity, G-force and the law of conservation of energy. Hamilton College professor Amy Lytle describes how the principles of physics are used to power these increasingly thrilling amusement park rides.

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