Emin Gun Sirer is a professor of computer science at Cornell University using new methods of data security to develop secure operating systems and cloud infrastructure. He comments on how companies like Sony might protect themselves from future cyber attacks.

Sirer says:

“If a breach of this magnitude can happen to a company like Sony, it can happen to any other company. This shows that our computing infrastructure isn't equipped to hold valuable assets, whether they are confidential emails, unreleased movies, or Bitcoins. The server technologies that are widely deployed are too weak, the data is stored without associated security policies, and a single breach can hand the keys to the kingdom to the attackers.

"But there are better technologies around the corner that can improve this situation. Companies, such as Google, are working on advanced security technologies, such as Macaroons, and my research group has developed databases, such as HyperDex, that ensure that a compromised front-end host cannot be used to acquire all of the back-end data. I hope that we can learn from the Sony example and use it to build systems with better security and fault-containment."

Sirer also blogs at Hacking, Distributed.

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