Dr Danya Bakhbakhi, NIHR Doctoral Research Fellow at the University of Bristol, UK is leading the International Collaboration to Harmonise OutcOmes for Stillbirth CarE (iCHOOSE) study.

Her profile is available here.

Dr Danya Bakhbaki, comments: "The death of a baby during pregnancy either through miscarriage or stillbirth can have a profound impact on families' mental and physical wellbeing.  Ongoing international research at the University of Bristol has found that the social impact of stillbirth is significant.  Many parents experience isolation and stigma which is made worse by not having the opportunities or space to talk about their loss with others.  

Little research has been conducted on medium to long term health outcomes after baby loss.  This includes the risk of adverse cardiovascular events such as stroke following miscarriage or stillbirth.   The BMJ research published this week by Liang et al is a welcomed addition to the evidence on the significant long term health effects of pregnancy loss.  Future research should now focus on examining preventative measures such as lifestyle modification in this population.

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