ROCKVILLE, Md. – March 16, 2021 – The Association for Molecular Pathology (AMP), the premier global, molecular diagnostic professional society, today released the results of its qualitative and quantitative “Analysis of Professional Work Effort in Molecular Test Interpretation Report.” More than 100 molecular professionals from the AMP and American College of Medical Genetics and Genomics (ACMG) communities reported that their efforts spent on data analysis, interpretation, and reporting for molecular diagnostic tests were not sufficiently reimbursed. Respondents indicated that adequate reimbursement for these activities would improve patient care by increasing access to these essential medical services and enabling more data-driven treatment decisions. 

Molecular diagnostic services are currently provided by both physicians and qualified doctoral scientists with specialized training and experience. The survey found that the extensive analysis, interpretation, and reporting requirements can often take more than six hours per test.  However, that time, expertise, and professional effort are not adequately accounted for or reimbursed under existing payment systems.

“As molecular diagnostic procedures become increasingly complex, and both the value and need for testing continue to grow, so does demand for the services of qualified molecular laboratory professionals,” said Samuel K. Caughron MD, AMP Economic Affairs Committee Chair and President and CEO of MAWD Pathology Group. “The vital services these professionals provide need to be accounted for and reimbursed.  AMP looks forward to working with all interested stakeholders to help ensure fair and reasonable reimbursement that provides more patients with better access to these valuable test procedures.” 

Since 2011, AMP has been a leading advocate for appropriate reimbursement for qualified healthcare professionals who are providing high-quality molecular diagnostic services. The results of this assessment will be crucial in providing data to inform discussions with payers, federal agencies, and members of Congress. AMP will continue to actively work with many professional organizations as part of its ongoing commitment to informing and influencing public policies that ensure fair and reasonable reimbursement solutions.


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