University of Notre Dame Islamic Studies Professor Ebrahim Moosa is available to comment on yesterday's attacks in Sri Lanka. .

Moosa co-directs Contending Modernities, the global research and education initiative examining the interaction among Catholic, Muslim, and other religious and secular forces in the world.

Moosa’s interests span both classical and modern Islamic thought with a special focus on Islamic law, history, ethics and theology. His book What Is a Madrasa? was published in 2015 by the University of North Carolina Press. He is the editor of the last manuscript of the late Professor Fazlur Rahman, Revival and Reform in Islam: A Study of Islamic Fundamentalism.

Moosa commented after the tragic attacks yesterday: 

"The devastating terror attacks in Sri Lanka are symptomatic of the destabilization of the Middle East and parts of South Asia from Libya to Sri Lanka. The defeat of ISIS, the rise of Hindu right-wing forces in India, internal conflict in Pakistan and Sri Lanka recovering from a brutal civil war are the ingredients for civil strife and terror. Targeting of religious places of worship from Christchurch to Colombo is now the weapon of choice for terrorists. The conscience of humanity is tested with places of worship becoming the targets of terror and political hatreds. Global political leadership is either ineffective or indifferent to human suffering and without adequate and effective plans for peace. It is time that religious communities around the world come together in order to intervene in this heartless and needless blood-letting.”