Newswise — FAIRFIELD, CA. . March 5, 2015. Nutra Products today released three independent, expert clinical reviews of its main ingredients – Alkemy Water™, Fast-C® and Comforteze® which prove the purity and potency of each ingredient.

Gretchen Reece, President of Nutra Products said, “Today, more than ever before our customers and their consumers must know our ingredients are of the highest quality and potency. Before the New York Attorney General launched his criminal investigation into widespread adulteration of supplements, we asked a team of independent experts, with more than 89 years of scientific experience, to validate the purity, potency and our product claims. All our products passed with ‘flying colors.’

“We bring scientific certainty to a marketplace, where far too many of the products have no science substantiation at all. Raising the scientific bar delivers real value for our customers. What we have done should become the standard for the industry.”

The Clinical Reviews by Adairs Associates, Inc., conclude:

• ‘The Alkemy product was found to be equal in hydrating power to Gatorade©, in all the physical and physiological parameters studied, following exercise induced dehydration under carefully controlled conditions. Subject comments favored the Alkemy™ product over Gatorade© in terms of taste preference and statements of feeling ‘over full’’

• Evaluations of the plasma curves which clearly indicate that the Fast C product released ascorbic acid for absorption from the GI tract very quickly after dosing, with significant plasma levels obtained at 30 minutes post dose as compared to Ester C. The Fast C formulations consistently appear to produce higher (Cmax) and earlier peak plasma levels (Tmax), compared to the Ester C control product. The Fast C area under the 0-4 hr. plasma curve (AUC0-4) also strongly suggests that more vitamin C has been absorbed and available to the body in the first 4 hours after administration of Fast C, due to a much quicker onset and rate of absorption. The 24 hour urinary excretion data indicate that all the tested Vitamin C products yielded similar total amounts of ascorbic acid absorbed.

The alkalizing ascorbic acid product, Fast C, demonstrated a rapid in vivo release and absorption of ascorbic acid compared to Ester C. Both products resulted in apparently complete absorption of the Vitamin C dose. Fast C results in faster absorption, making the active Vitamin C available to body tissues quicker after ingestion.

• In these in vitro studies all antacid tablets demonstrated a significant pH rise profile from ~2.5 pH to neutrality (pH 7) over 30 minutes. All the tablets had achieved a plateau value of approximately neutral pH at the terminal 30-minute point. Differences were observed at the 5-minute post study initiation with the 2 Rolaids® products (tablets and powder), both recording a higher pH of ~5.5 at the 5-minute point, however, all differences were essentially gone by 30 minutes. An investigation of the formulation compositions and USP Buffer Capacity Test results (meq/gm), conducted on Comforteze® and the two Rolaids® products indicated higher calcium carbonate and magnesium hydroxide content in the Rolaids products. The buffer amounts in Rolaids® are in large excess of that needed to completely neutralize the stomach acid in the antacid study.

Patent and Patent Extensions

Nutra Products is also pleased to announce that:

• Fast-C’s Patent US 8,853,262 B2, PKA Buffered™ Vitamin C Composition and Method has been extended by 2034 days.

• Buffered Flavor Enhanced Reduced Moisture Fruits and Vegetables used in Comforteze has been granted a new patent, US 8,808,774 B2 PKA

Copies of the clinical reviews are available upon request and ordering information maybe found on our website:

Dennis Adair, Pharma. D., Ph.D. and Suzanne Adair, Ph.D., bring 89 years of technical,regulatory and quality consulting services to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. In general, they specialize in technical product development, technology assessment and technology transfer. They have specific expertise in active substance development, formulation development and process scale-up, quality specifications and analytical development, packaging development, site and facility audits, and production start-up for a wide variety of dosage forms. They hold no financial interest in Nutra Products Inc.

Nutra Products, Inc. (NPI) is a science-based marketing company located in northern California that is focused on developing innovative and clinically tested health products. NPI has been providing unique quality based ingredients for the dietary supplement industry since 2002. The team at NPI has over 40 years of combined experience in the food and Nutraceutical arenas.

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