Newswise — Old Westbury, N.Y. (May 30, 2014) -- Drone technology, regional transportation challenges, and innovations in alternative fuels and equipment are the focus of New York Institute of Technology’s 2014 Energy Conference on June 12 at NYIT de Seversky Mansion.

The daylong conference features a student-led drone demonstration, Tesla cars available for test drives, and eight experts who will touch on various energy technology and transportation issues.

“The life, the health, the economy and the quality of our existence on Long Island depends upon moving people, goods and services,” said NYIT Associate Professor and conference co-organizer Laurence Silverstein. "This conference brings together experts who will present their views on the multi-dimensional challenges that await us and their suggestions on how we might solve these issues.”

NYIT’s School of Engineering and Computing Sciences has organized annual energy conferences since 2003, covering topics that have included extreme weather, sustainability, offshore energy, and “off the grid” technologies.

NYIT mechanical engineering students will demonstrate consumer-level drones controllable with smartphones or tablets, as well as "The Osprey," a six-rotor drone they have constructed.

“Conference attendees will see our students showcase drones in action and learn about their possibilities in solving transportation challenges, especially in underserved areas where infrastructure is dead or nonexistent,” said Silverstein. The 2014 conference includes the following presentations and speakers:

Transportation Challenges and Solutions - Martin R. Cantor, Ph.D., CPA, Director, Long Island Center for Socio-Economic Policy

Planning for the Future - Long Island Rail Road, Brenden D. Duffy

Transportation-Oriented Planning in Nassau County - Aryeh Lemberger, Nassau County Department of Public Works

The Evolution of Drone Technology - Mary Cummings, Ph.D., Director, Humans & Automation Laboratory, Duke University

Delivering Services in Remote Areas - Paola Santana, Esq., Matternet, Singularity University

Natural Gas Fueling Stations - Ken Daly, President, National Grid New York

Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure - Jessica Harrison, DNV-GL

The Next Generation of Green Vehicles - Joseph Ambrosio, Chief Technical Officer, Unique Technical Services, LLC

“We’re particularly excited about the chance to present several Tesla motor cars,” said Silverstein. “The company is a leader in 21st century transportation technology.”

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