Newswise — (November 28, 2018) “Donna Meyer, Chief Executive Officer of the Organization of Associate Degree Nursing (OADN), will represent OADN on the American Red Cross National Nursing Committee (NNC).  Dr. Carmen Kynard, Chairperson of the NNC, and I are delighted to welcome Donna as we continue collaboration with OADN on mutual goals to engage OADN members and nursing students with the Red Cross to serve communities,” said Linda MacIntyre, PhD, RN, PHN, Chief Nurse, American Red Cross.

Nursing has a strong legacy with the Red Cross as thousands of nurses have served in various capacities within the organization.  NNC was established in 1910, with Jane Delano as its first chair. The NNC supported and guided nursing involvement in all Red Cross services, but over time was eliminated.  In 1992 the NNC was re-established and has continuously served since that time as an advisory committee.  Membership of the NNC includes nurses and non-nurse leaders from Red Cross business lines as well as external leaders in health-related professions.  Today, the NNC is actively working with strategic initiatives and work groups to promote and guide nursing involvement throughout the entire Red Cross. The NNC supports nurse recruitment, retention and partnerships that represent the communities served by the Red Cross; pursues creative activities to meet community and public health needs; and develops nurse volunteers to meet mentoring and leadership opportunities across the organization. The NNC takes a leadership role in resource development to ensure adequate future funding for nursing and health-related activities in the Red Cross.  

In January 2017 OADN and the American Red Cross established a partnership to provide opportunities for OADN nurses to contribute to Red Cross programs across the country. OADN members have been encouraged to become Red Cross Disaster Health Services volunteers and respond to disasters in their communities as well as large national disasters. Over the last few years with many disasters striking the country, OADN members have responded in various ways.  Additionally, OADN has established a Service Learning Experience agreement with the Red Cross. Experiences at the American Red Cross includes health and safety, community health, and leadership activities working with clients, individuals, families, communities and organizations in real-world, real-time community service experiences, either virtual or physical.


“I am extremely honored to be appointed to the NNC,” Meyer said, and commented further by stating, “I believe in today’s world the future nursing workforce needs to be engaged in the communities they reside and be prepared to assist in the disasters they may encounter.  Additionally, the social mission of nursing is a large part of the American Red Cross and this needs to be instilled in nursing students and nurses across the profession.  As the CEO of the OADN I would like to help bring the mission and work of the American Red Cross to the many community college nursing programs in the country.  These programs are embedded in the community and could make a vital impact on the communities which in turn would assist the American Red Cross in numerous ways.”


Founded in 1984, the Organization for Associate Degree Nursing (OADN) is recognized nationally as the voice for Associate Degree Nursing. OADN is dedicated to ensuring the quality nursing education, advancing the professional practice of Associate Degree Nurses, and maintaining a strong nursing workforce for all communities.

As the leading advocate for Associate Degree Nursing, OADN promotes academic progression of graduates in furthering education to reach their maximum professional potential. All associate degree nurses should have access to pursue additional nursing education. OADN welcomes partnerships and collaboration with the other national nursing organizations to support academic progression in nursing, leadership, and improvements in healthcare practice and delivery. Collaboration with these organizations will facilitate the unity of the nursing profession. OADN continues to disseminate information and provide an arena for collegial networking to those who are passionate about Associate Degree Nursing and the role is plays to ensure access to safe, high-quality care for all communities.

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