Newswise — In June 2019, Olin College will host the tenth session of the Collaboratory Summer Institute: Designing Student-Centered Learning Experiences. This weeklong interactive workshop provides institutional teams of educators with the opportunity to conceive and catalyze change in their classrooms and their institutions. Summer Institute (SI) is specifically for teams of faculty, staff and administrators interested in working together on an existing or new educational innovation project.

Through participatory workshops, immersive design exercises and presentations from experts, participants will learn about, experience, and design effective, engaging teaching approaches for new and meaningful STEM learning.

“The Summer Institute’s combination of hands-on workshops with project consulting sessions provides an unparalleled opportunity for institutional teams to advance their curriculum innovation projects in a short amount of time and with intensive support,” says Scott Hersey, Olin faculty member and Summer Institute faculty lead.

The Summer Institute experience creates a learning environment for participants that: 

  • Embraces creativity, prototyping, iterating, and dreaming big,
  • Introduces a set of tools, concepts, and language about student-centered experience design,
  • Promotes exploration of one’s context in a new way and provides insight into what we do at Olin, and
  • Builds community among educators, change agents, designers, and learners.

Sessions are highly participatory and participants are challenged to continually consider new ideas and put novel approaches into practice.

The Summer Institute has been held at Olin College for the past ten years. During that time more than 585 participants have experienced this unique program. Past attendees have ranged from Deans to new faculty members to a host of other positions in higher education.

“The Summer Institute is a valuable experience for anyone with a vision for student-centered curriculum innovation,” says Hersey.

This year, the workshop will be held on June 10-14. The application deadline for this program is March 15, 2019.

Application Guidelines:  All participants should be prepared to spend the full week deeply engaged in this demanding program. Applicants must apply in teams of at least three and describe a project (in the contemplation, planning, or execution stage) at their home institution. Acceptance to the program will be based on the extent to which the team is likely to benefit from the Institute and advance its project goals.

To learn more about the application process, visit our application page.

If you have questions, please visit our Summer Institute page.