The growing concern of maintaining a healthy and safe workplace has only increased with recent movements such as #metoo and #timesup, says Dr. Lesley Page, associate professor and department chair of Organizational Leadership at Lewis University.

A healthy organizational climate should be a top concern for leaders in the workplace because it can ultimately help keep attendance, productivity and moral at a high level.

Dr. Page suggests these initial steps for organizational leaders to consider implementing:

  • Having a no tolerance policy for misconduct and inappropriate workplace behavior
  • Creating open, two-way communication where employees feel comfortable and safe sharing their ideas
  • Taking action to correct factors that contribute to an unhealthy workplace
  • Walking the talk – role modeling the behavior you expect of all employees

 The conversation is no longer about if misconduct happens, but what we can do about it. Leadership needs to make major changes in workplaces across all fields, sectors and industries in order to truly create a safe and healthy work environment.

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