Newswise — CHICAGO (January 17, 2019): The Association of Rehabilitation Nurses’ (ARN’s) Rehabilitation Nursing Foundation (RNF) awarded Rozina Bhimani, PhD DNP APRN-CNP CNE, a grant for her research on Effects of Mobilization Patterns on Spasticity Symptom Cluster: Understanding Functional Outcomes. The purpose of this study is to explore the pattern of mobilization in stroke patients with spasticity symptom cluster (SSC) and to determine how this mobilization pattern correlates with functional outcomes over time. This study is significant because early ambulation holds promise for better outcomes for stroke survivors; however, stoke patients who develop SSC may not be ambulatory. ARN looks forward to the completion of Rozina’s study and the contribution her findings will make to the body of rehabilitation nursing knowledge.

Every two years, ARN/RNF funds up to $30,000 to facilitate projects intended to have a significant impact on rehabilitation nursing and rehabilitation nursing research. The overall purpose of this research is to investigate health concerns that are amenable to rehabilitation nursing care and provide evidence for practice.




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Rehabilitation Nursing Foundation (RNF)

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