Newswise — Sonia Rodrigues, a psychotherapist and Senior Director of School and Community Based Programs with Rutgers University Behavioral Health Care, is available to speak about the mental health implications of the “Sephora Kids” trend in which children as young as 10 are swarming expensive beauty stores, prompted by social media makeup tutorials and influencer-sponsored advertisements.

The following quote from Rodrigues is available for pickup:

“Social media influencers are expanding their target group, often placing a lot of pressure on kids to fit in and figure out what’s trending to feel connected with their friends at an earlier age. It’s hard to even find appropriate clothes for this age group, when developmentally, they’re just trying to figure out where they fit in. There’s a lot of identity issues happening in those preteen years, and children are absorbing content that is not necessarily age-appropriate, which makes it crucial to have these conversations with your kids about what’s appropriate for their age group while also ensuring they feel a sense of autonomy. When kids feel like they don’t fit in or cannot relate to their friend group, this can cause feelings of anxiety or depression.”

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