Samsung is expected to reveal the new Galaxy S8 phone on March 29.

Hector Abruña, the director of the Energy Materials Center at Cornell University and an expert on lithium ion batteries, says battery safety needs to be Samsung’s main priority as the company introduces new phones, like the S8. He’s available for comment after the announcement.


Abruña says: “The Samsung Galaxy S8 phone will have lots of features however the real focus will be on the battery. “Based on early reports, the S8 will have a battery with a capacity similar to that of S7, around 3,000 mAh (3500 for the S8+), which is a bit on the small side. But their very efficient chips require less power and run more efficiently, so they can last a reasonable amount of time. The batteries will also have ‘fast charging’, though there were no details on how fast is ‘fast.’ “But the real issue will be battery safety. To ensure battery safety, each battery will go through an 8-point battery safety check. Assuming the company learned the lessons from the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 demise, my guess is that this time, they have done their homework and are being vigilant about quality control. In any case, we will know soon.”