Experts Available on Holiday Shopping, Black Friday and Responding to Holiday Faux Pas

Topic: Bargain Hunting

Lars Perner, Assistant Professor of Clinical Marketing can discuss bargain hunting and other consumer behaviors.

Topic: Holiday Retail Environments and Consumer Emotion

Lisa Cavanaugh, Assistant Professor of Marketing, is an expert in consumer psychology who focuses on the role of emotion in consumption. She studies how the holidays and shopping environments (e.g., music and images) evoke emotions that shape consumer purchase behavior.

Topic: Luxury Goods

Joe Nunes, Associate Professor of Marketing, can discuss luxury goods, conspicuous consumption and the shopping habits of wealthy consumers this holiday season.

Topic: The Role of Branding in Encouraging Consumer Purchases

Ira Kalb, Assistant Professor of Clinical Marketing: Though consumers are value-conscious, Professor Kalb can discuss the role of branding in drawing in customers. In addition, he can speak about online shoppping.

Topic: Holiday Conversation Comebacks and Responding to Gift–Giving Faux Pas

Kathleen Reardon, USC Marshall Professor of Management and Organization and author of the recently released Comebacks at Work: Using Conversation to Master Confrontation, can offer applicable strategies to address those awkward holiday moments when an aunt asks you why you are still single or haven’t gotten a job yet. Dr. Reardon can explain how to diffuse heated political discussions at the dinner table as well as how to respond to an off-the-wall or inappropriate gift.

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