Abstracts for 2023 MRS Spring Meeting Symposium EL11 - Organic and Nanoparticle-Based Electroluminescent Materials for Display, Lighting and Future Photonic Applications will be accepted from September 23 - October 27, 2022.

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In this multidisciplinary symposium, we plan to bring together the world-leading experts on organic/nanoparticle material based electronics. We intend this symposium to present and discuss the frontiers on the design, synthesis, processing, and integration of organic/nanoparticle materials for applications in displays, solid state lighting and other emerging thin film devices. Of particular interest are new material concepts, e.g. blue phosphorescent materials, thermally activated delayed fluorescence materials, quantum-dot and perovskite emissive materials, etc. Experimental and computational studies of bulk and interfacial properties at charge carrier transport, exciton dynamics, and device stability inside of thin-film electroluminescent devices will also be covered in this symposium.

Organizers for this symposium are: Jian Li Arizona State University, Jun-Yeob Lee Sungkyunkwan University, Lin-song li Henan University, Biwu Ma Florida State University

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2023 MRS Spring Meeting