The Big Event at Texas A&M University

April 1 will mark the 19th time Texas A&M University students have held "The Big Event," the largest one-day, student-run community service project in the country. More than 4,500 students work on more than 500 local projects over the course of the day. The Big Event began in 1982 when seven students cleaned a local cemetery, and each year the event has grown. The concept of a day-long service project in which college students give back to their communities is catching on at other universities. As of the spring of 1999 12 other schools from across the country have started programs based on the Texas A&M concept. For more information about The Big Event, contact the Big Event Committee at (409) 845-9618 or Jonathan P. Kraatz with Texas A&M's Office of University Relations at 845-4600.

Photos and video of previous years available upon request.

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