There Is Still Time to Save Democracy in Turkey, Expert Says.

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Released: 26-Jul-2016 5:05 PM EDT

Source Newsroom: Ohio State University

Expert Pitch

Newswise — Erik Nisbet, associate professor of communication and political science at Ohio State University, is an expert on politics in Turkey. He has done several studies in the country and spent three months there last year.

He believes that while the future for democracy may look bleak, there is still hope. He says three things must happen to preserve democracy in the country:

First, democracy and human rights advocates outside Turkey will need to make a major push on the U.S. and the EU to exert influence upon President Erdogan to temper his autocratic ambitions.

Second, the Turkish political opposition on the left and right needs to work together to dampen political polarization across party lines.

Third, Turks need to be made aware that the constitutional changes sought by Erdogan will leave them hungry for democracy, if not starving.

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