Once a month, more than 30 mentors return to campus to work with students

Newswise — One Saturday every month, Colgate alums ho are entrepreneurs return to campus to spend the day with students who sign up for Thought into Action, Colgate's entrepreneurial classes. The classes are voluntary, the alums don't get paid, and the room is filled with ideas and energy.

It is all about Thought into Action – turning ideas into businesses.

The critical skills we teach in the liberal arts; how to put issues in perspective, how to understand disruption, how to understand change; these are precisely the characteristics that distinguish entrepreneurs who must not only understand how things are, but how things might be." ---President Jeffrey Herbst

Per Sekse: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gGfgT_ovwqM&feature=youtu.be

Tim O'Neill: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-wFmPj7YI4w&feature=youtu.be

Here are the details of entrepreneurialism at Colgate: http://www.colgate.edu/distinctly-colgate/entrepreneurial-spirit

Startup XOn Saturday Oct 20 and Sunday Oct. 21st, Colgate University will host StartUpX, an entrepreneurial bootcamp in one weekend. Over 100 students from Colgate University and area colleges are signed up to learn about being an Entrepreneur.

Here is the page of the entire program. TIA is affiliated and supported by Colgate, but run by alumni for students. https://www.tiainstitute.com