Tip Sheet for the December 23, 2003 Neurology Journal

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Released: 16-Dec-2003 7:10 AM EST

Source Newsroom: American Academy of Neurology (AAN)

Coming in the December 23, 2003 Neurology Journal

Atkins diet reduces seizures in some epilepsy patientsThe Atkins diet may have a role as therapy for young patients with epilepsy by causing ketosis. Ketosis reduced seizures in three of six patients with epilepsy who were started on the diet for the treatment of intractable focal and multifocal epilepsy.

Epileptologists highly accurate in identifying seizures in epilepsy patients through clinical descriptionsEpileptologists are 96 percent accurate in identifying seizures in patients with suspected temporal lobe epilepsy obtained through patient reporting, according to a study of 88 patients conducted by neurologists in Canada and United Arab Emirates. The results were comparable when diagnosis was obtained using traditional and more costly tests. A related Patient Page highlights the importance of strong physician-patient communication and provides general background on epilepsy.

People with Down syndrome may shed light into what causes dementiaAdults with Down syndrome are at increased risk for dementia and provide an opportunity for researchers to study patterns of brain activity that may precede dementia.

More evidence that gabapentin effective in treating headacheGabapentin was found significantly superior to placebo for the treatment of chronic daily headaches (those occurring 15 or more days per month), according to a study of The Australian Gabapentin Chronic Daily Headache Group.

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