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TMS Names 2017 Society Awardees

January 30, 2017—Pittsburgh, PA (USA): The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society (TMS) has announced the recipients of its 2017 Society Awards.

Newswise — The honorees will receive their accolades during the TMS–AIME Awards Ceremony which will take place on Wednesday March 1, 2017 at the TMS 2017 Annual Meeting & Exhibition (TMS2017) held from February 26–March 2 in San Diego, California. The ceremony will include the presentations of awards from TMS and the American Institute of Mining, Metallurgical, and Petroleum Engineers (AIME), of which TMS is a member society.

For more information about the TMS Professional Honors and Awards Recognition Program, or to view a complete list of 2017 TMS award recipients, visit For more information about the TMS-AIME Awards Ceremony and other activities at TMS2017, visit Awardee photos are available upon request.

TMS Fellows – Class of 2017: The Class of Fellow is the highest honor bestowed by TMS. To be inducted, a candidate must be recognized as a leading authority and contributor to the practice of metallurgy, materials science, and technology, with strong consideration given to outstanding service to the society.

Long-Qing Chen, Pennsylvania State University Ke Lu, Institute of Metal Research, China Gary Was, University of Michigan Yuntian Zhu, North Carolina State University

Brimacombe Medalists – Class of 2017: This mid-career award recognizes individuals with: sustained excellence and achievement in business, technology, education, public policy, or science related to minerals, metals, or materials science and engineering, and a record of continuing service to the profession.

Matthew Barnett, Deakin University, AustraliaEric Brown, Los Alamos National LaboratoryAmit Misra, University of MichiganYue Qi, Michigan State UniversityGregory Thompson, University of Alabama

Application to Practice Award: This award recognizes an individual who has demonstrated outstanding achievement in transferring research results or findings into commercial production and practical use.

Sanjay Sampath, State University of New YorkRobert Wagstaff, Novelis Corporation

Bruce Chalmers Award: This award honors outstanding contributions to the science and/or technology of materials processing by an individual.

S. Lee Semiatin, U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory

Morris Cohen Award: This award recognizes an individual who has made outstanding contributions to the science and/or technologies of materials properties.

Robert Ritchie, University of California, Berkeley

Early Career Faculty Fellow Award: This award honors two assistant professors for accomplishments that have advanced the academic institution where they are employed, and recognizes his or her abilities to broaden the technological profile of TMS.

Kristin Persson, Lawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryGuihua Yu, University of Texas

Educator Award: This award recognizes an individual who has made outstanding contributions to education in metallurgical engineering and/or materials science and engineering.

Ramana Reddy, University of Alabama

Wiliam Hume-Rothery Award: This award recognizes a scientific leader for exceptional scholarly contributions to the science of alloys by inviting him or her to be an honored presenter at the William Hume-Rothery Memorial Symposium during the TMS annual meeting.

George Smith, University of Oxford, England

Institute of Metals Lecturer & Robert Franklin Mehl Award: In receiving this pinnacle award, honorees present a lecture at the TMS annual meeting, which is also published in Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A.

Steven Zinkle, University of Tennessee

Leadership Award: This award recognizes an individual who has demonstrated outstanding leadership in the national and international materials community.

John Allison, University of Michigan

Alexander Scott Distinguished Service Award: This award honors a member’s outstanding contributions to TMS, this award is typically presented for 10 or more years of TMS service in membership development, student chapters, education and professional affairs, and/or other society level activity.

James Foley, Los Alamos National Laboratory

Cyril Stanley Smith Award: This award recognizes outstanding contributions to the science and/or technology of materials structure.

Stephen Foiles, Sandia National Laboratories

Ellen Swallow Richards Diversity Award: This award honors the contributions of an individual who reflects the pioneering spirit of Ellen Swallow Richards in overcoming personal, professional, educational, cultural, or institutional adversity to pursue a career in the minerals, metals, and/or materials professions or in helping others in the field to overcome similar challenges.

Lorna Gibson, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Frank Crossley Diversity Award: This award honors an individual who has personally overcome personal, professional, educational, cultural, or institutional adversity to pursue a career in minerals, metals, and/or materials.

Lawrence Crosby, Northwestern University

TMS Best Paper Contest:Awarded through the TMS Foundation for essays or technical research papers showing original thought and creativity on global or national issues and relating to any field of metallurgy or materials science.

TMS Best Paper Contest: Graduate Division:1st Place: Gian Song, University of Tennessee“High-Temperature Deformation Mechanisms in Hierarchical and Single Precipitate-Strengthened Ferritic Alloys by In-Situ Neutron-Diffraction Studies”2nd Place: Kazi Tasneem, Vanderbilt University"Vitrification of Municipal Solid Waste Incineration Fly Ash: Scientific Aspects and Propositions for the Promising Solution"

Undergraduate Division:

1st Place: Shelly Jorgensen, University of Nebraska/Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory“The Midas Touch for Accurately Predicting the Stress-Strain Behavior of Tantalum”

AIME Honorary Membership: In appreciation of outstanding service to or distinguished scientific or engineering achievement in the fields embracing the activities of AIME and its member societies.

Reza Abbaschian, University of California, Riverside Rohit Trivedi, Iowa State University

TMS/SME/AIME James Douglas Gold Medal: This award recognizes distinguished achievement in non-ferrous metallurgy, including both the benefication of ores and the alloying and utilization of non-ferrous metals.

William F. Riggs, Mentors International Inc.

AIME Robert Lansing Hardy Award: This award recognizes outstanding promise for a successful career in the broad field of metallurgy and materials science by a professional under the age of 35.

Corinne Packard, Colorado School of Mines

AIME Champion H. Mathewson Award: This award is presented to an author(s) of a paper or series of closely related papers, which represents the most notable contribution to metallurgical science during the period under review.

Joseph D. Robson, University of Manchester, England

AIME Henry de Witt Smith Scholarship: Founded in 1967 by AIME, this scholarship aims to advance the mineral industries by assisting students in the pursuit of graduate education in mining, metallurgical, materials, or petroleum-related disciplines.

Alexandra Anderson, Colorado School of MinesLizeth Nayibe Ortiz Reyes, University of Wisconsin

Acta Materialia Gold Medal Award: Established by Acta Materialia Inc. in 1973, this award is presented to a proven leader in materials science and engineering whose research has significantly impacted the development of the discipline.

John J. Jonas, McGill University, Canada

Acta Materialia Silver Medal Award: This award honors scientific contributions and leadership from academic, industry and public sector leaders in the midst of their careers.

Jingyang Wang, Shenyang National Laboratory for Materials Science, China

Acta Materialia Hollomon Materials & Society Award: Established by Acta Materialia Inc. in memory of J. Herbert Hollomon, principal instigator of the journal Acta Metallurgica, this award recognizes an outstanding contributor to the interactions between materials technology and social concerns.

Warren Poole, University of British Columbia, Canada

Brimacombe Prize: The prize recognizes a single or sustained outstanding contribution to materials process engineering. The work should demonstrate a high degree of creativity, imagination and engineering/scientific depth. Evidence of significant scientific or industrial impact will be an important measure of eligibility for the award.

Robertus Boom, Delft University of Technology

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