Charlottesville, VA, USA, March 31, 2021—Unbound Medicine®, a leader in knowledge management solutions for healthcare, today announced a major upgrade to their end-to-end digital publishing platform. To enhance clinical decision support capabilities for professional societies and healthcare institutions, Unbound developed Unbound Intelligence™ (UBI)‒exclusive artificial intelligence and machine learning tools to help clinicians keep up to date with current research, as well as discover and fill knowledge gaps. 

Unbound Intelligence quickly analyzes large volumes of data and recommends options for next steps in patient management. While clinicians answer questions or research areas of interest on the Unbound Platform, UBI instantly filters through available resources, including the most up-to-date primary literature, to suggest closely related topics and relevant, recently published journal articles. This allows clinicians to quickly expand their reach and discover evidence-based guidance that may have otherwise gone unnoticed. 

Unbound Intelligence has also been deeply integrated into Unbound’s robust Continuing Medical Education (CME) module. To complement user-initiated browsing and searching for relevant CME, UBI continuously recommends CME opportunities in the form of courses and questions that are closely related to the current inquiry. In addition, UBI generates personalized CME activities based on knowledge gaps revealed from incorrect answers or found commonly in the larger professional community. Together these capabilities direct user attention to learning opportunities with high impact on clinician knowledge and patient care.

The first medical association to adopt Unbound Intelligence was the American Pediatric Surgical Association (APSA). In 2017 APSA selected Unbound’s end-to-end digital publishing platform to develop and power its marquee digital resource, the APSA Pediatric Surgery Library (PSL). Today, the key components of the PSL‒the Pediatric Surgery Not a Textbook (NaT), ExPERT CME with spaced learning, and APSA toolkits and policies‒have all been enhanced with UBI. Now, pediatric surgeons can consult a PSL dashboard that suggests personalized NaT topics and journal articles as well as CME courses and questions to fill knowledge gaps.

“APSA is always seeking new pathways for pediatric surgeons to stay up to date and fill knowledge gaps,” says David Powell MD, FACS, APSA’s Chief Strategic Officer. “Unbound Intelligence realizes that goal by leveraging the expertise of 700+ surgeon contributors to create just-in-time educational opportunities that are personalized to each surgeon’s knowledge needs.”    

“We believe Unbound Intelligence can help transform medicine by delivering new, assistive technologies that empower healthcare providers to better serve their patients,” says Bill Detmer, MD, CEO of Unbound Medicine, “We are delighted to partner with the visionary leadership at APSA to power a new era of clinical decision making.”

To learn more about how Unbound Intelligence can help your organization, contact Unbound Medicine.  

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The American Pediatric Surgical Association is the nation’s largest professional organization dedicated to the pediatric surgical specialty. Since 1970 APSA has been dedicated to the development of the field of pediatric surgery to ensure the best care for the patients and families their membership serves. As an organization and in tandem with other groups, APSA sets guidelines and statements for standards of care for infants and children and for influencing public policy around the surgical care of children. Additional information is available at



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