Newswise — Paris Attacks: University experts are available to the media Université de Montréal researchers are available to speak with journalists reporting on the recent events in France, the issues involved and the outlook. The university is the French-speaking world’s largest comprehensive university and a large proportion of its community is from France.

• Valérie Amiraux Professor - Department of Sociology | Canada Research Chair for Religious and Ethnic Diversity Expertise: Radicalisation, Muslims in Europe, Islamophobia. Languages: English, French, Italian | 514-343-6111 #3768 | 514-343-7233

• Jocelyn Coulon Director of the Peace Operations Research Network Expertise: Context and outcomes of the terrorist acts Languages: French only. | 514-951-0431 (cell)

• Marc-Antoine Dilhac Professor– Department of Philopsophy | Canada Research Chair for Public Ethics and Political Theory Expertise: Notions of tolerance, fundamental freedoms (freedom of conscience, expression and the press), secularism, multiculturalism and democracy. Languages: French | 514-343-6111 #2904

• Solange Lefebvre Professor – Faculty of Theology and Religious Sciences | Chair of Religion, Culture and Society Expertise: Religion in public space, religion and politics, secularism and secularisation Languages: English and French | 514-343-5717

• Samir SaulProfessor – Faculty of Arts and Science, Department of HistoryExpertise : France, the Arab world and international relations, Imperialisation, colonisation and decolonisationLanguages: English and | 514-343-6111 poste 27128 | FR-ANG

• Alain Saulnier Visiting Professor – Department of Communication Expertise: Information and Democracy, Media Languages: English and French | 514-343-6111 #0806

• Pierre Trudel Professor– Faculty of Law | L.R. Wilson Chair for IT and Electronic Trade Law Expertise: Freedom of expression and its boundaries, media and cyberspace laws, legal and non-legal techniques for limiting the freedom of expression, ethics in journalism, on the Internet and in social media. Languages: English and French | 514-343-6263

• Marie-Joëlle ZaharProfessor, Deparment of Political Science | Scientific Director of the Peace Operations Research Network | Member of the United Nations Mediation Support UnitExpertise : Peace and Security, Middle East, Peace ConsolidationLanguages: English, French and Arabic | 514 343-6111, ext 20325

Community support event

Following last week’s terrorist attacks and thanks to the initiative of our students, Université de Montréal will commemorate the memory of the victims as a sign of solidarity with all peoples who have suffered these inhuman acts of violence. Students and employees are invited to assemble in the Grand Courtyard of Roger-Gaudry (main) Pavilion at 12.15 pm on Wednesday, November 18. Democracy’s ChallengesWestern democracies are currently facing a number of threats to their existence. Finding an appropriate response to terrorism is one of these challenges. As part of a regular public conference series that brings together international experts to discuss current issues, an event entitled Les défis de la démocratie will be taking place on November 19 at 6 pm at the Roger Gaudry Pavilion. Media must register. For more information: cdlm.umontreal.caThis conference is organized by Université de Montréal in collaboration with the university’s Canada Research Chair for Public Ethics and Political Theory.