He's somewhere out there: That is, Michael Ian Borer, a UNLV sociologist and pop culture expert who's available to offer context to media stories about the swelling interest in aliens and the Area 51 military base in Nevada.

Items that Borer can talk about include:

  • General trends about people's interests in both aliens and government conspiracy theories, and the link between the two 
  • FOMO culture, which includes missing out on hot new bands, new social media trends, and events like storming Area 51 (the more apocalyptic or strange, the better)

As for whether Borer's research into the matter has swayed his opinion one way or another, he says: "I'm personally pretty agnostic about aliens. It would seem odd that we're the only intelligent beings in the universe. So it's more that I don't believe that we're so special rather than a believer in aliens, per se."

Media interested in speaking with Prof. Borer should contact Keyonna Summers, UNLV Media Relations, at [email protected] or (702) 895-0898.