Newswise — The late Uno Kaljulaid was an eminent Estonian algebraist of the last century. "Semigroups and Automata. SELECTA Uno Kaljulaid (1941 " 1999)" , edited by Jaak Peetre and Jaan Penjam, pays tribute to this pioneer of the mathematical culture.

This book provides a collection of papers and manuscripts of Uno Kaljulaid. For the first time, Kaljulaid's 1979 Candidate thesis, which was originally typewritten in Russian, is published in English. His thesis is devoted to representation theory in the spirit of his advisor B.I. Plotkin: representations of semigroups and algebras, especially extension to this situation, and application of the notion of triangular product of representations for groups introduced by Plotkin.

Through representation theory, Kaljulaid also became interested in automata theory, which at a later phase became his main area of interest. Another field of research concerns combinatorics. Besides being an outstanding and most dedicated mathematician, Uno Kaljulaid was also very much interested in the history of mathematics. In particular, he took a vivid interest in the life and work of the great 19th century Dorpat-Tartu algebraist Th. Molien. Kaljulaid was also very interested in teaching and exposition, or popularization of mathematics.

No other book on mathematics connects different fields like representation and automata theories and combinatorics. This publication is not only interesting for mathematicians and computer scientists; non-specialists will also be able to broaden their horizon.

© 2006 IOS Press. All rights reserved. Unauthorized use prohibited. Jaak Peetre is a Professor Emeritus of Lund University, Centre of Mathematics. He is, together with the late Jacques-Louis Lions, the creator of the real method in interpolation theory that has been influential also for related fields such as function spaces and approximation theory. Jaak Peetre is the author of some essential research monographs and more than 200 scientific papers on partial differential equations, spectral theory, singular integrals, Hankel operators, multilinear, especially trilinear forms, history of mathematics, and other areas. During about 10 years he had an intensive cooperation with Uno Kaljulaid.

Jaan Penjam is a Professor of Tallinn University of Technology and Director of the Institute of Cybernetics. He is the author of about 100 papers in computer science, in particular, on semantics of programming languages, program synthesis and automata theory. Jaan Penjam was a student of Uno Kaljulaid, later his colleague and coauthor of papers on automata.

"Semigroups and Automata. SELECTA Uno Kaljulaid (1941 " 1999)" , (ISBN: 1-58603-582-7) edited by J. Peetre and J. Penjam, is published by IOS Press and will be available in February. The book is priced as follows: US$178 / €150 / £100.

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Semigroups and Automata. SELECTA Uno Kaljulaid (1941 – 1999)