"The CIA is presumably sharing intel with the Russian govt., but intel sharing is always a tricky and politicized matter.”

Security concerns surrounding the Sochi Olympics continue to grow so the United States is taking precautions in Russia. Villanova University’s David Barrett, PhD, Professor of Political Science, is one of the country's leading experts on the Central Intelligence Agency and national security and can speak to what U.S. intelligence agencies should be doing in the lead up to the Sochi Olympics.

Dr. Barrett can discuss the counterintelligence/counter terrorism work the CIA should be doing and the signals intelligence (the monitoring and decoding communications amongst people or groups that might plan violence) work the NSA should be doing.

Dr. Barrett says, “More sensitive: surely NSA, with its technology, and CIA, with its people, are interested in evaluating what the Russians are and are not doing effectively to uncover terrorists plans and to foil them. The CIA presumably is carrying out a sharing of intelligence with the Russian government. But intel sharing is always a tricky and politicized matter.”

Dr. Barrett teaches a course called "U.S. Intelligence," which focuses on contemporary intelligence topics.