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Article ID: 706627

Math Professor & Probability Scholar on the Odds of Winning When Buying a Square at a Super Bowl Party

Academy Communications

Aaron Montgomery of Baldwin Wallace University offers insights on probability and placing a friendly bet at the office Super Bowl pool

18-Jan-2019 4:05 AM EST

Pop Culture

Article ID: 706714

Tips for Tackling Your Diet at Super Bowl Parties

UT Southwestern Medical Center

If you have resolved to eat healthier to manage your diabetes, blood pressure, or cholesterol, parties can present a challenge, so it’s important to have a game plan before tackling the Super Bowl spread.

17-Jan-2019 4:05 PM EST

Article ID: 706671


Mayo Clinic

Mayo Clinic的冰球研究人员和他们的同事公布了旨在确保冰球运动员的健康以及降低运动中造成脑震荡的风险、严重程度和后果的新建议。

17-Jan-2019 12:05 PM EST

Article ID: 706567

Athletes Should Build Neck Strength to Avoid Concussions, Rutgers Researchers Recommend

Rutgers University-New Brunswick

Review of prior research on sports-related concussions points to neck strength as key protective factor

16-Jan-2019 10:00 AM EST

Article ID: 706552

Especialistas em hóquei no gelo priorizam jeitos de reduzir o risco de concussão

Mayo Clinic

Pesquisadores de hóquei na Mayo Clinic e seus colegas estão divulgando novas recomendações que procuram garantir o bem-estar dos jogadores de hóquei e diminuir o risco, a gravidade e as consequências de concussões no esporte.

15-Jan-2019 6:05 PM EST

Article ID: 706551

خبراء هوكي الجليد يضعون في أولوياتهم طرقالحد من مخاطر ارتجاج المخ

Mayo Clinic

كشف باحثو رياضة الهوكي في Mayo Clinic وزملاؤهم النقاب عن توصيات جديدة تسعى إلى ضمان سلامة لاعبي الهوكي والحد من خطر الارتجاج في هذه الرياضة وشدته وعواقبه.

15-Jan-2019 5:05 PM EST

Article ID: 706517

Staying fit can cut your risk of heart attack by half

Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)

Poor cardiorespiratory fitness could increase your risk of a future heart attack, even if you have no symptoms of a lifestyle illness today, a new study has found.

15-Jan-2019 1:05 PM EST
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    15-Jan-2019 12:00 AM EST

Article ID: 706230

Quality of Life in Adolescents Recovering from Sports-Related Concussion or Extremity Fracture

Journal of Neurosurgery

Researchers conducted a prospective study of health-related quality of life in young athletes with a sports-related concussion or sports-related extremity fracture during the recovery period.

9-Jan-2019 2:05 PM EST

Article ID: 706293

Expertos en hockey sobre hielo priorizan maneras de reducir riesgo de conmoción cerebral

Mayo Clinic

Los científicos de Mayo Clinic que investigan el hockey y sus colegas revelan las nuevas recomendaciones que intentan garantizar el bienestar de los jugadores y reducir el riesgo, la severidad y las consecuencias de las conmociones cerebrales en este deporte.

10-Jan-2019 10:05 AM EST

Article ID: 705885

New Penn State Health facility expands access to primary and specialty care in Lancaster County

Penn State Health

A new Penn State Health facility gives Lancaster County residents more convenient access to primary and specialty care close to home. Penn State Health Medical Group – Lime Spring Outpatient Center, the health system’s newest, most comprehensive clinic, welcomed its first patients on Wednesday, Jan. 2.

1-Jan-2019 10:05 PM EST

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