Newswise — Stephen Hawking (A Brief History of Time)-"Electromagnetism Controls All Chemical Reactions, All Biological Response. Life Itself"

This report reflects 25 years of nanosecond pulsed electromagnetic field (nPEMF) investigation, and an interdisciplinary synthesis based upon experimental reports since the 1970s. Electromagnetic fields drive a classic resonance system as forcers that are magneto-acoustically transduced (damped) by paramagnetic-diamagnetic elements to create a phonon driven, non-linear information system, which is iteratively processed by beta sub-units to prime protein conformational adaptive response (folding) of alpha sub-units. This low voltage information system sets the stage for the ATP power system to transport ions and substrate through appropriate channels, regulates DNA, and enhances protein enzyme activity in support of homeostasis. Cell function reflects dual energy systems: 1) a low voltage information circuit guided by principles of physics to control cell function, and 2) a power circuit driving chemical outcomes to complete it.

Dipole forces generate phonons when paramagnetic and diamagnetic elements and small molecules, e.g. amino acids, constrained within a protein matrix, oscillate about their bond lengths to become magneto-acoustic transducers in response to natural or artificial EM fields. When damped within physiologic parameters such transductions conduct heat and sound through proteins in a native (elementary) mode at the speed of sound. While sub-threshold in themselves they achieve resonance with similar phonon harmonics from other strategically self-assembled paramagnetic/diamagnetic constructs (PDCs) within the protein to enhance signal intensity several magnitudes (Kruglikov and Dertinger, 1994.) DNA, and other proteins posses a sophisticated capacity to electively combine such harmonics with other "noise" , i.e. stochastic resonance, to enhance their activity in support of cell function.

Dr. Gordon's paper, entitled "Protein Iteration and Cellular Response to Extrinsic Electromagnetic Forces," is available on the Web site of The 2nd International Conference on Bioinformatics and Biomedical Engineering at

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