Newswise — Wichita State University is offering full scholarships for anyone wanting to enroll in one of 35 undergraduate online professional development badges.

Badges are designed for working professionals who want to continue learning new skills and technologies to keep up with the needs of employers. The self-directed online courses allow students to go at their own pace each semester.

Anyone who enrolls for one undergraduate-level badge now through Friday, Sept. 15, will have the full cost of the badge covered.

"In just one year, the number of undergraduate badges we offer has grown incredibly – from 14 to 35," says Kim Moore, director of Workforce, Professional and Community Education. "With so many more options for those in the work place, we think now is the perfect time to provide a chance to see what badges are all about."

Badges are worth 0.5 credits each – the equivalent to 22.5 hours of combined online instruction and study time. When badge coursework is completed, it appears on your WSU transcript. Badges are for non-degree seeking students.

Courses are broken down into six subject areas: health care, engineering, creative, business, general workforce skills and behavioral sciences.

For a list of all available badge courses, go to

This self-directed program makes workloads more manageable for someone who is already busy with a full-time job and family.

"Once you're fully immersed in work and everyday life, the thought of taking college classes can be daunting," says Rick Muma, senior associate vice president for Academic Affairs and Strategic Enrollment Management. "The truth is, though, that to be continually competitive, professionals need the chance to grow in their field. Our badges fill that need while taking into account just how busy you really are."

To enroll, go to For more questions, go to

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Contact: Kim Moore, 316-978-6487 or [email protected]; or Rick Muma, 316-978-5761 or [email protected].