WHAT: Loyola University Health System dietitian Gina Neill is offering these and other tips for people attending Sunday's Super Bowl parties:

-Eat a small meal first, so you don't wind up snacking all night.

-Exercise beforehand to burn some calories.

-Drink alcohol in moderation or not at all. Besides adding empty calories, alcohol blocks your inhibition against overeating.

-For people hosting Super Bowl parties, Neill advises:

-Serve pretzels or microwave popcorn rather than potato chips and provide fruit trays instead of assorted cheeses.

-Serve vegetable snacks, such as celery, cucumbers, tomatoes, cauliflower and broccoli.

-Use low-fat sour cream or low fat cheese in dips. Salsa is good, too.

-Order pizza with extra vegetables - no meat, no extra cheese.

-For chili, use lean or extra lean ground beef or turkey, or try vegetarian.

"It's OK to occasionally treat yourself on a special occasion like Super Bowl Sunday," Neill said. "But avoid overeating all the leftovers, which could set you up for getting off track long term. If you choose wisely, you can maintain your diet."

MEDIA: To interview Neill, call Nora Dudley in Loyola Media Relations, (708) 417-5014.


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