Newswise — The Association of American Cancer Institutes (AACI) stands in strong support of Dr. Anthony Fauci. Drawing from more than 50 years of expertise in infectious diseases—from HIV/AIDS to Ebola and Zika—Dr. Fauci has played an integral role in developing sound public health guidance during the COVID-19 pandemic.

AACI represents 102 leading academic cancer centers in the United States and Canada that are at the forefront of cancer research, patient care, prevention, education, and community outreach. The association has worked closely with Dr. Fauci through the National Cancer Institute and other branches of the federal health care system that impact people with cancer and their families.

The novel coronavirus is especially dangerous for people with cancer. Their immune systems are weak, making it difficult to fight off infection, and many cancer patients have other health complications that can lead to deadly consequences if they are infected with COVID-19. As such, the best way to protect people with cancer and their families during this pandemic is to retain the best scientists with the greatest expertise in the field. Thus, it is critical to ensure that Dr. Fauci’s scientific expertise and guidance continues to inform the American public and to help guide decision-making in public policy. The unprecedented crisis requires Dr. Fauci’s non-partisan, objectively informed guidance.

COVID-19 cases are surging – and hotspots continue to emerge throughout the country. With the prospect of many months of mounting cases and deaths to come, cancer centers and their patients are desperate for continued guidance from Dr. Fauci and his colleagues. As scientists and clinicians representing the country’s top cancer centers, AACI members feel strongly that ensuring access to this information is critical for public health and the vitality of the nation.


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