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Health People Announces Winners of the 4C’s: COVID, Community, Conscience Contest

Bronx Students’ Youth Creativity Helps to Fight COVID-19 Spread
30-Dec-2020 1:55 PM EST, by Health People

Newswise — NEW YORK, DECEMBER 30, 2020 – For his thought-provoking public service visual artwork, Justin Romero, an 8-year-old at PS-MS 3 in the Bronx, has been named the first-place winner in The 4C’s: COVID, Community, Conscience Contest, during an online celebration today. 

The 4C’s Contest, hosted by Health People: Community Preventive Health Institute and New York City Health + Hospitals’ Test & Trace Corps, invited young Bronx creatives, ages five to 24, to spread COVID-19 prevention awareness using their talent in the visual, written and performing arts.

Justin’s colorful picture (see attached jpeg) illustrates how young people don’t have to be afraid during the pandemic, showing how they and their loved ones can stay safe by following simple COVID-19 prevention guidelines – washing hands, wearing a mask, maintaining social distance and staying home.

The second-place prize went to PS 229 student Kimora Allen, age 11, who through poetry, shares the personal changes she’s experienced during the pandemic and her vision for the world (see attached jpeg). 

Third-place winners included 14-year-old artist RoShelle Crawford, 9-year-old dancer Trammell Robinson and 8-year-old artist Johanna Lozada.  Six fourth-place winners included a dancing trio (14-year-olds Janira Fleming and Saniyahh Andino, and 12-year-old Artei Gelzer); 16-year-old songwriter Sayquan Brown; and artists 8-year-old Esmeraldo Rosales, 9-year-old Paiiden Brown, 9-year-old Yarin Lucero Najeria and 9-year-old Zuri Ginel. 

“It’s enormously inspiring to see how young people have used art, poetry, dance and songwriting to process the pandemic – a first-in-a-lifetime experience for everyone – and offer hope for the future,” said Chris Norwood, executive director of Health People.

“I congratulate the Bronx students for their creative submissions to support COVID-19 prevention and awareness,” said First Deputy Commissioner for the NYC Health Department Dr. Torian Easterling. “Public health messaging is more important than ever to prevent COVID-19. I applaud students who continue to use their talents to help us achieve our public health goals by reminding New Yorkers we must remain vigilant by keeping in mind our CORE 4 actions - continue to wear a face covering, keep at least six feet of physical distance, practice good hand hygiene and stay home if sick.”

As first-place winner, Justin received a $250 gift card and will be interviewed by Beat 139 podcaster Donveto about the genesis of his art; second-place winner Kimora received a $150 gift card; the three third-place winners each received a $100 gift card; and, the six fourth-place winners each received $50 gift cards. 


Health People will be sharing the winning submissions on social media. 

The winners were announced during an online awards presentation hosted by Health People and NYC Health + Hospital’s Test & Trace Corp. 

About NYC Test & Trace Corps

The NYC Test & Trace Corps is a public health initiative to fight the threat of COVID-19. The Corps is a group of doctors, public health professionals and community advocates working to reverse the COVID-19 outbreak and protect our city.  The public health program is led by NYC Health + Hospitals in close collaboration with the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene and other city agencies. Through its robust and citywide partnerships, The Corps helps New Yorkers receive COVID-19 testing that is safe, confidential and at no cost to the patient. It ensures that anyone with the virus receives care and can safely separate to prevent the spread. To help New Yorkers navigate this process, The Corps has activated a specialized group of Contact Tracers to provide resources and support every step of the way.


About Health People

Health People is a groundbreaking peer education, prevention and support organization in the South Bronx whose mission is to train and empower residents of communities overwhelmed by chronic disease and AIDS to become leaders and educators in effectively preventing ill health, hospitalization and unnecessary death.

Established in 1990 as a women’s AIDS prevention and support program, Health People has grown, using its peer-education model, to provide a full range of HIV/AIDS services for men, women and families. It also has conducted community asthma programs, New York’s first diabetes peer-educators program, and a community smoking cessation program. Health People’s Junior Peer program, Kids-Helping-Kids includes teens who are mentors for younger children with sick or missing parents.


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Newswise: Health People Announces Winners of the 4C’s: COVID, Community, Conscience Contest



Newswise: Health People Announces Winners of the 4C’s: COVID, Community, Conscience Contest



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