Colleges and universities nationwide have closed their classrooms under precautionary measures around COVID-19, creating new opportunities and challenges for teachers. Indiana University experts are available to discuss various aspects of online instruction.

Chris Foley is an associate vice president and the director of online education for IU. He leads the development and implementation of online programs across IU's seven campuses, servicing 30,000 students involved in online education. He can discuss typical challenges in short-term conversion for students as well as faculty and administration, as well as key strategies for assisting/guiding in this transition to online learning.

Ali Jafari is a professor of computer and information technology in the School of Engineering and Technology and director of the CyberLab at IUPUI. He is considered one of the global pioneers in envisioning and developing new e-learning systems and pedagogical methods and is well-known for his research and entrepreneurship in information technology, specifically in the development of a series of learning management systems.

Anastasia Morrone is an associate vice president for learning technologies at IU, with expertise in the use of IT in classroom learning and collaborative workspaces. She is also a professor of educational psychology, centering her research on innovative learning environments that enable new ways of teaching.

Greg Siering is director of the Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning at IU Bloomington. His work within the center focuses on developing a comprehensive approach to instructional development as well as identifying new ways to foster and spread innovative teaching among the IU Bloomington faculty. He has a special interest in understanding the characteristics of innovative teachers and how programs can be structured to foster the growth of those qualities.

Sarah Smith-Robbins is the director of learning technologies at the Kelley School of Business and an adjunct lecturer in marketing. She is responsible for ensuring that Kelley's online and residential programs make use of cutting-edge technology to support maximum student learning outcomes. Smith-Robbins can discuss the transition that many colleges and universities are having to make, from in-person to online instruction.