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ACI Relaunches Website: Aimed at a “Clean and Vibrant Future”

American Cleaning Institute

The American Cleaning Institute (ACI) launched a redesigned and updated CleaningInstitute.org website, offering its audiences a modern resource for easier access to information on the value cleaning products bring to all facets of life. “The products and chemistries our industry creates are leading us to a clean and vibrant future,” said Melissa Hockstad, ACI President & CEO. “Our revamped website helps showcase that path by being a leading source of information on cleaning products, their ingredients, and how the industry contributes to a clean, healthy and sustainable future."

22-Apr-2019 3:50 PM EDT

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    15-Apr-2019 1:00 AM EDT

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National Poll: Most Parents Concerned About Safety of Teens Using Ride Sharing Services

Michigan Medicine - University of Michigan

As teens prepare to leave home for college or live on their own in a new city, many may also be using ride sharing services for the first time – and that raises safety concerns for many parents – a new national poll suggests.

9-Apr-2019 4:40 PM EDT

Article ID: 711233

Could Your Mattress Be Causing Your Back Pain?

American Chiropractic Association

The American Chiropractic Association offers tips for recognizing when you need a new mattress, testing your current mattress, and what to look for in a new one.

12-Apr-2019 10:55 AM EDT


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Article ID: 711156

American Cleaning Institute Response – Final FDA Rule on Consumer Hand Sanitizers

American Cleaning Institute

The American Cleaning Institute (ACI) welcomed a final rule governing hand sanitizers and their ingredients issued by the Food and Drug Adminstration. The FDA is allowing adequate time for manufacturers to complete new studies to generate data requested by the agency. Hand sanitizers are a critical part of healthy hand hygiene routines for millions of Americans, says ACI.

11-Apr-2019 11:05 AM EDT

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Article ID: 711057

A Dust-Up: Microbes Interact with Harmful Chemicals in Dust

Ohio State University

The dust that settles throughout our homes and offices almost always contains bits of chemicals that can cause problems for the human endocrine system, scientists say. But a new study indicates that the microbes we track into buildings can help break those chemicals down.

10-Apr-2019 9:05 AM EDT
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    24-Mar-2019 12:30 PM EDT

Article ID: 709730

Chemicals in Household Dust May Promote Fat Cell Development

Endocrine Society

Endocrine-disrupting chemicals present in household dust promote the development of fat cells in a cell model and could contribute to increased growth in children relative to their age, according to research to be presented Monday, March 25 at ENDO 2019, the Endocrine Society’s annual meeting in New Orleans, La.

20-Mar-2019 9:00 AM EDT

Article ID: 709850

Medicine and Personal Care Products May Lead to New Pollutants in Waterways

Rutgers University-New Brunswick

When you flush the toilet, you probably don’t think about the traces of the medicine and personal care products in your body that are winding up in sewage treatment plants, streams, rivers, lakes, bays and the ocean. But Rutgers scientists have found that bacteria in sewage treatment plants may be creating new contaminants that have not been evaluated for potential risks and may affect aquatic environments, according to a study in Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry.

21-Mar-2019 6:00 AM EDT

Article ID: 709736

Who Should Fido Fear? Depends on Relationship

Michigan State University

As states around the country move to stiffen punishments for animal cruelty, Michigan State University researchers have found a correlation between the types of animal abuse committed and the perpetrator's relationship to an animal and its owner.

18-Mar-2019 10:05 AM EDT

Law and Public Policy


Article ID: 709469

Spring Cleaning in Full Bloom…That Means Packets Up! in the Laundry Room

American Cleaning Institute

As we commemorate National Poison Prevention Week and head into spring cleaning season, the American Cleaning Institute (ACI) offers simple tips to keep liquid laundry packets and all household cleaning products up and out of sight of vulnerable populations.

12-Mar-2019 11:05 AM EDT

Article ID: 709324

Endocrine Society Commends Reinvigorated Effort to Regulate Chemicals in Personal Care Products

Endocrine Society

The Endocrine Society applauded the reintroduction of a Senate bill that would give government regulators needed authority to protect consumers from exposure to hazardous endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs) in cosmetics and other personal care products.

8-Mar-2019 9:00 AM EST

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