Social distancing measures have made it difficult for those who normally go to the gym to maintain a workout regimen. Jenna Moore, assistant director of fitness and wellness for Campus Recreational Services at Binghamton University, State University of New York suggests taking part in social media challenges and using fitness apps as a way to stay physically active.

“Post a quick video doing any type of exercise (e.g. ten pushups, squats), then tag your friends and challenge them to do the same,” says Moore. “A fun, and quick game of virtual tag is a simple way to stay connected with your community and scratch that competitive itch.”

There are many fitness devices and apps that allow users to partake in friendly competitions with friends, says Moore. From your Fitbit to the Apple Watch, invite your friends or teammates to create a group and then challenge one another with simple tasks like who can get the most steps in a week or who can take an online yoga class five times this month.”

“In the Strava app, for example, you can track all of your hikes, runs and rides with GPS,” says Moore. “Invite your friends or family to start a group in Strava, where you can then share your activity with each other. You’ll have the ability to like and comment on their activity and even compete against each other in different challenges.”

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