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Internet use reduces study skills in university students

Swansea University

Research conducted at Swansea University and the University of Milan has shown that students who use digital technology excessively are less motivated to engage with their studies, and are more anxious about tests.

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17-Jan-2020 10:55 AM EST

Social and Behavioral Sciences


Professors Create Free Research-Backed Games to Train Your Brain

New York University

University professors from New York and California designed and developed three digital games – available online and in the iOS and Google Play app stores – to help its users’ brains work more efficiently. While some digital games falsely claim to improve cognitive skills, these three games have actually proven to. Evidenced through a series of research studies, these games can help users boost memory, inhibition, and cognitive flexibility.

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17-Jan-2020 12:25 AM EST
Research Results


Newswise: S&T-Funded SABER Helps Communities Get Back to Business During and After Disasters

S&T-Funded SABER Helps Communities Get Back to Business During and After Disasters

Homeland Security's Science And Technology Directorate

Available both on the web and via a mobile app, SABER provides users with a means to upload and share real-time business status information with other organizations, particularly government aid entities such as FEMA, during an emergency or crisis.

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15-Jan-2020 3:10 PM EST
Research Results

A Very Merry App for Package Delivery at the Final 50 Feet

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Researchers at PNNL are contributing artificial intelligence, machine learning, and app development expertise to a U of W project that will ease challenges with urban freight delivery. The project will provide delivery drivers with a tool to identify open parking spots in congested areas where parking is typically at a premium.

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19-Dec-2019 8:00 AM EST

Engineering research project studies active shooter situations in schools

Iowa State University

Researchers at Iowa State University are creating a system that will provide students, teachers, police officers and others with accurate, real-time information in the event of an active shooter in a school.

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12-Dec-2019 1:40 PM EST
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Newswise: Just Had a Baby? A New App Helps Keep Them Safe

Just Had a Baby? A New App Helps Keep Them Safe

Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School

A new, free mobile app, Baby be Well, helps families keep their infants safe throughout the first year of life. By incorporating activities that encourage frequent return visits, the app provides users with proven guidance of safe sleep practices to reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

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10-Dec-2019 10:45 AM EST
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