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Task force gives guidance on classifying neonatal seizures - An ILAE podcast

ILAE has published guidelines on classifying seizures and epilepsies, but those classifications don't account for seizures in newborn babies. Two ILAE task forces spent several years on a position paper that modifies the seizure and epilepsy...
28-May-2021 11:45 AM EDT Add to Favorites

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Con cualquier otro nombre: Mejorar el acceso al tratamiento y reducir el estigma en las convulsiones psicógenas no epilépticas

Al igual que la epilepsia, los episodios paroxísticos no epilépticos (EPNE) interfieren en la vida personal, familiar y social de los pacientes.
18-May-2021 12:05 PM EDT Add to Favorites

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¿Cómo llamar a los trastornos paroxísticos no epilépticos?

Se llaman convulsiones, ataques, eventos, episodios pero no son epilepsia. Conocidos por varios nombres, que incluyen convulsiones disociativas, episodios paroxísticos no epilépticos (EPNE) y convulsiones funcionales, pueden ser difíciles de...
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ILAE's virtual conferences bring the latest in epilepsy to your laptop

Our Asian & Oceanian Epilepsy Congress, June 10-13, covers it all: social issues, diagnosis, treatment, research, and more. Anyone, anywhere can get a top-level, multi-day epilepsy conference delivered to their home or office and participate at...
29-Apr-2021 2:05 PM EDT Add to Favorites

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Par une nouvelle dénomination: Améliorer l'accès aux soins et réduire les stigmas des crises psychogènes non épileptiques

Comme l'épilepsie, les crises non épileptiques psychogènes (CNEP) ont des conséquences sur la scolarisation, l'emploi et l'autonomie.
27-Apr-2021 5:10 PM EDT Add to Favorites

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Comment nommer les crises non-épileptiques psychogènes?

Le fait de changer le nom des crises psychogènes non épileptiques pourrait-il conduire à une meilleure communication médecin-patient, à une meilleure compréhension et à moins de stigmatisation?
27-Apr-2021 1:20 PM EDT Add to Favorites

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Improving access to treatment and reducing stigma in psychogenic non-epileptic seizures (PNES)

Addressing stigma—from health care professionals, from family members and friends, from the public, and even from patients themselves—is a crucial part of improving care and access to care for people with PNES.
14-Apr-2021 11:45 AM EDT Add to Favorites

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What should we call psychogenic non-epileptic seizures?

Could changing the name of psychogenic non-epileptic seizures lead to improved physician-patient communication, increased understanding and less stigma?
14-Apr-2021 11:30 AM EDT Add to Favorites

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