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The gut microbiota and epilepsy: Intriguing research and the road ahead

An increasing number of studies are finding intimate communication between the gut and brain, as well as complex interplay among the gut microbiome, the brain and the rest of the body. But does the gut affect epilepsy? More specifically, can...
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Semana de la Epilepsia – Paraguay – América Latina

En abril, Paraguay celebró su primera Semana de la Epilepsia. El concepto de una semana de epilepsia, que se puso a prueba en Bolivia en 2015, incluye actividades científicas, sociales y culturales para crear conciencia sobre la epilepsia y su...
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Paraguay celebrates Latin American Epilepsy Week with educational, social and scientific activities

Paraguay held its first Epilepsy Week in April, with scientific, social and cultural activities to raise awareness of epilepsy and its importance as a focus of public health.
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What’s in a name? In the case of epilepsy, more than you might think.

Classifying seizures and types of epilepsy is something like creating another language - one that's used by physicians, patients and policymakers. How do these classifications change over time, and why is it sometimes difficult to reach consensus?
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Success after epilepsy surgery: It's more than just seizure freedom

Epilepsy surgery that stops seizures is usually considered successful. However, surgical consequences -- such as cognitive issues, depression, and anxiety -- can affect quality of life. And some struggle with the 'burden of normality' that comes...
30-May-2019 10:25 AM EDT Add to Favorites

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ILAE creates curriculum and standards for epilepsy education worldwide

The International League Against Epilepsy's Task Force for Epilepsy Education has developed a roadmap for a competency-based curriculum in epileptology. The curriculum is meant to address educational gaps and strengthen the knowledge of all health...
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Barriers to epilepsy surgery evaluation: Reports from physicians and patients

Though the success rate of epilepsy surgery can be higher than 80% for certain seizure types, only a small fraction of people with drug-resistant epilepsy are referred for surgical evaluation. A study of 185 people with epilepsy, all seen at clinics...
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The long reach of trauma: Psychogenic non-epileptic seizures in middle age

It’s just after Valentine’s Day, 2016. Audrey Bart, age 41, is rushed to an emergency room in Cape Town, South Africa, for unexplained paralysis. Over the next week, she begins having seizures. A logical conclusion might be that Audrey has...
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