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Improving Eyewitness Identification Key to Protecting Innocent People

Law enforcement officials can reduce mistakes by eyewitnesses to crimes if they follow a series of recommendations that include interviewing witnesses as soon as possible after a crime and videotaping the session, according to the American...
10-Feb-2020 3:25 PM EST Add to Favorites

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Majority of U.S. Adults Believe Climate Change Is Most Important Issue Today

As the effects of climate change become more evident, more than half of U.S. adults (56%) say climate change is the most important issue facing society today, yet 4 in 10 have not made any changes in their behavior to reduce their contribution to...
6-Feb-2020 1:35 PM EST Add to Favorites

Religious, Moral Beliefs May Exacerbate Concerns About Porn Addiction

Moral or religious beliefs may lead some people to believe they are addicted to pornography even when their porn use is low or average, according to new research published by the American Psychological Association.
4-Feb-2020 5:00 PM EST Add to Favorites

People May Lie to Appear Honest

People may lie to appear honest if events that turned out in their favor seem too good to be true, according to new research published by the American Psychological Association.
28-Jan-2020 4:20 PM EST Add to Favorites

Strict Adherence to Traditional Masculinity Associated with More Severe PTSD in Vets

To help service members perform better in the field, military training emphasizes the importance of certain traits associated with traditional masculinity, including suppression of emotion and self-reliance. But when veterans return home, strict...
23-Jan-2020 1:30 PM EST Add to Favorites

When Caregivers Need Care

People who regularly care for or assist a family member or friend with a health problem or disability are more likely to neglect their own health, particularly by not having insurance or putting off necessary health services due to cost, according...
23-Jan-2020 12:20 PM EST Add to Favorites

Students Do Better in School When They Can Understand, Manage Emotions

Students who are better able to understand and manage their emotions effectively, a skill known as emotional intelligence, do better at school than their less skilled peers, as measured by grades and standardized test scores, according to research...
10-Dec-2019 1:10 PM EST Add to Favorites

Loneliness May Be Due to Increasing Aging Population

Despite some claims that Americans are in the midst of a “loneliness epidemic,” older people today may not be any lonelier than their counterparts from previous generations – there just might be more of them, according to a pair of studies...
5-Dec-2019 10:40 AM EST Add to Favorites

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