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Wake Forest School of Medicine Begins Study to Test New Mask for Healthcare Workers

Open Standard Industries, Inc. (OSI), manufacturer of the OSR-M1 non-valved reusable elastomeric face mask, is pleased to formally announce the launch of its first Institutional Review Board (IRB)-approved user feasibility study. The trial is being...
15-Apr-2021 1:45 PM EDT Add to Favorites

Set of genetic markers in lung cancer identified

Investigators at Wake Forest School of Medicine, part of Wake Forest Baptist Health, have identified a set of new genetic markers that could potentially lead to new personalized treatments for lung cancer.
13-Apr-2021 3:05 PM EDT Add to Favorites

Surgical Technique May Reduce Positive Margin Rate in Breast Cancer Patients with DCIS

According to the American Cancer Society, a noninvasive breast cancer called ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS) accounts for approximately one of every four new breast cancer cases in the United States. If left untreated, DCIS has the potential to...
5-Apr-2021 12:00 PM EDT Add to Favorites

$2.5M award to fund joint organoid research program at Wake to treat aggressive cancers

Personalized medicine research for aggressive abdominal cancers receives a boost with a new $2.5 million grant award from the National Cancer Institute that highlights research efforts by the Wake Forest Organoid Research Center (WFORCE).
30-Mar-2021 9:55 AM EDT Add to Favorites

Online Mindfulness May Improve Mental Health During COVID-19 Pandemic

The fear, anxiety and stress associated with the COVID-19 pandemic has taken a toll on mental health. But a new study suggests these symptoms may be alleviated through safe and convenient online mindfulness practices.
22-Mar-2021 3:30 PM EDT Add to Favorites

You Are Not a Cat, but a Cat Could Someday Help Treat Your Chronic Kidney Disease

The Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine is investigating how cats with chronic kidney disease could someday help inform treatment for humans.
12-Mar-2021 10:30 AM EST Add to Favorites

Intensive Lifestyle Intervention Is Beneficial for Most People with Type 2 Diabetes, But Not All

For people who are overweight or obese and have type 2 diabetes, the first line of treatment is usually lifestyle intervention, including weight loss and increased physical activity. While this approach has cardiovascular benefit for many, it can be...
10-Mar-2021 2:05 PM EST Add to Favorites

Medical School Curriculum Takes Aim at Social Determinants of Health

There is a growing recognition in health care that social factors such as racial bias, access to care and housing and food insecurity, have a significant impact on people’s health. Compounding and amplifying those underlying inequalities are the...
25-Feb-2021 2:55 PM EST Add to Favorites

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WFIRM Scientist Available to Address New Strategy to Fight Botulinum Toxin

6-Jan-2021 3:50 PM EST

Allergies or COVID-19?

How do you know if the nasal congestion and sneezing you’re experiencing is spring allergies or COVID-19?
23-Mar-2020 2:30 PM EDT

Slumber disruptions caused by obstructive sleep apnea can take a toll on health

A study by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine found that while approximately 30 million American adults have obstructive sleep apnea only about 6 million, or 20%, have been properly diagnosed and treated.
27-Feb-2020 8:00 AM EST

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How hospital chaplains learn how to do what they do

Clinical pastoral education is an interfaith professional program that helps theological students, ordained clergy, members of religious orders and qualified laypersons develop the interpersonal skills needed to work as chaplains or spiritual care...
28-Jan-2020 4:00 PM EST

Newswise: 11-19BloodSupply1.jpg

It’s a natural fact: There’s still no substitute for human blood

While the donation and transfusion of blood are very common, and relatively simple as far as medical procedures go, the path from donor to recipient is more complex than most people may realize.
19-Dec-2019 6:00 AM EST

Newswise: 10-19Concussion.jpg

Concussion is more than just a headache, so it’s good to know the symptoms

Concussion is the most common and mildest type of traumatic brain injury, but it should never be taken lightly. Any concussion, however slight, temporarily disturbs vital brain activity and can cause a range of physical, mental and emotional...
6-Nov-2019 6:00 AM EST

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While There’s No Cure for Osteoarthritis, Its Symptoms Can Be Managed

Osteoarthritis can produce joint pain and stiffness sufficient to limit and even prohibit the performance of everyday tasks. It becomes more common with age, once it starts it typically gets worse and there’s no known cure. But there are therapies...
10-Oct-2019 6:00 AM EDT

Cover up to reduce the risk of short- and long-term skin damage from the sun’s UV rays

If you let the sun burn your skin you’ll pay a price right away, with painful redness, peeling and possible blistering. But sunburn can also generate long-term problems, such as premature aging of the skin and skin cancer.
24-Jun-2019 6:00 PM EDT

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