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Nobel laureate Oliver Williamson, pioneer of organizational economics, dies at 87

Oliver Williamson, a UC Berkeley and Haas School of Business professor for nearly three decades whose elegant framework for analyzing the structure of organizations won him a Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences, passed away on May 21, 2020 in Berkeley,...
25-May-2020 7:05 AM EDT Add to Favorites

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Study shows the social benefits of political incorrectness

But using politically incorrect speech brings some benefits: It’s a powerful way to appear authentic. Researchers at Berkeley Haas found that replacing even a single politically correct word or phrase for a politically incorrect...
5-Sep-2019 3:05 PM EDT Add to Favorites

Winning Coaches' Locker Room Secret

Researchers found a significant relationship between how negative a coach was at half-time and how well the team played in the second half: The more negativity, the more the team outscored the opposition.
15-Aug-2019 1:55 PM EDT Add to Favorites

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Haas feeds growing appetite for the business of sustainable food

John Monaghan, MBA 20, arrived at Berkeley Haas on a mission to dive deeper into the business of food. Like many of the 20 full-time MBA students who have landed coveted internships and jobs this year in the food and beverage industry—at...
24-Jun-2019 11:05 AM EDT Add to Favorites

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How Information Is Like Snacks, Money, and Drugs—to Your Brain

A new study by researchers at UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business has found that information acts on the brain's dopamine-producing reward system in the same way as money or food.
19-Jun-2019 3:05 PM EDT Add to Favorites

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Blockchain in Bloom: New Initiative Drives Research Grants, Incubator, Courses

Bosun Adebaki, MBA 19, will spend time this spring researching the merits of Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC), a form of digital money that’s being tested by governments and central banks worldwide. His goal is to determine how central banks...
7-Mar-2019 3:55 PM EST Add to Favorites

Stock options worth more for women, senior managers, study finds

A novel new way of determining the value of employee stock options has yielded some surprising insights: Options granted to woman and senior managers are worth more because they hold them longer. And options that vest annually rather than monthly...
7-Jan-2019 12:05 AM EST Add to Favorites

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Haas Team Wins National Real Estate Case Challenge

A team of Berkeley MBA students took first place at the 16th annual National Real Estate Case Challenge for their creative investment strategy surrounding a new commercial property.
13-Dec-2018 11:05 AM EST Add to Favorites

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