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New 3D Technique Reveals Precancerous Pancreatic Lesions

Researchers at the Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center’s Sol Goldman Pancreatic Cancer Research Center have developed a 3D genomic profiling technique to identify small precancerous lesions in the pancreas — called pancreatic intraepithelial...
18-Jun-2024 11:00 AM EDT Add to Favorites

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New Study Suggests Cancer Drug Could Be Used to Target Protein Connection That Spurs Parkinson’s Disease

In studies with genetically engineered mice, Johns Hopkins Medicine researchers say they have identified a potentially new biological target involving Aplp1, a cell surface protein that drives the spread of Parkinson’s disease-causing...
17-Jun-2024 12:05 PM EDT Add to Favorites

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‘Synthetic’ Cell Shown to Follow Chemical Directions and Change Shape, A Vital Biological Function

In a feat aimed at understanding how cells move and creating new ways to shuttle drugs through the body, scientists at Johns Hopkins Medicine say they have built a minimal synthetic cell that follows an external chemical cue and demonstrates a...
10-Jun-2024 10:00 AM EDT Add to Favorites

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Super-Chilled Brain Cell Molecules Reveal How Epilepsy Drug Works

By super cooling a molecule on the surface of brain cells down to about minus 180 degrees Celsius — nearly twice as cold as the coldest places in Antarctica — scientists at Johns Hopkins Medicine say they have determined how a widely-used...
10-Jun-2024 11:00 AM EDT Add to Favorites

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Fat Molecule’s Inability to Bond with Shape-Shifting Protein in Cell’s Powerhouse Linked to an Inherited Metabolic Disease

By studying mutations in yeast and human cells, Johns Hopkins Medicine scientists say they have found that biochemical bonds between fats and proteins in the mitochondrion, the cell’s powerhouse, play a crucial role in how our cells produce energy.
7-Jun-2024 11:00 AM EDT Add to Favorites

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Artificial Intelligence Blood Test Provides a Reliable Way to Identify Lung Cancer

Using artificial intelligence technology to identify patterns of DNA fragments associated with lung cancer, researchers from the Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center and other institutions have developed and validated a liquid biopsy that may help...
6-Jun-2024 12:15 PM EDT Add to Favorites

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‘Artificial Lymph Node’ Used to Treat Cancer in Mice

Johns Hopkins Medicine scientists say they have developed an artificial lymph node with the potential to treat cancer, according to a new study in mice and human cells.
6-Jun-2024 11:00 AM EDT Add to Favorites

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Johns Hopkins Children’s Center Study Shows More Than Just Social Media Use May Be Causing Depression in Young Adults

Over the past few decades, there has been a significant increase in the prevalence of depression in adolescents and young adults — and a simultaneous uptick in the inclusion of technology and social media in everyday life. However, it is unclear...
29-May-2024 10:00 AM EDT Add to Favorites

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How to Have a Safe and Healthy Holiday Season — Johns Hopkins Children’s Center Experts Are Available to Offer Advice for Families

Johns Hopkins physicians can offer expert advice on how to have a healthy and safe holiday season.
4-Dec-2023 11:05 AM EST

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News Tip: Johns Hopkins Medicine Experts Available for Interviews on Winter Respiratory Illnesses and Vaccines

The United States’ respiratory virus season — which typically lasts from October to April — is making its annual return. The flu, COVID-19, respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) infection and other respiratory illnesses tend to circulate more in...
17-Oct-2023 10:00 AM EDT

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How to Have a Safe and Healthy Halloween — Johns Hopkins Children’s Center Experts Are Available to Offer Advice for Families

Halloween is a special and spooky time of the year filled with costumes, candy and trick-or-treating. As families prepare to celebrate, Johns Hopkins Children’s Center experts are available for interviews on a variety of topics and tips to help...
11-Oct-2023 9:00 AM EDT

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Johns Hopkins Medicine Experts Promote Awareness of Health Care Needs for Dwarfism Community

Johns Hopkins Medicine experts lead the longest-running clinic for people with dwarfism and other skeletal conditions. Started in the late 1950s, the clinic, now called the Kathryn and Alan C.
9-Oct-2023 11:05 AM EDT

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