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Ocean acidification research is robust despite ebbs and flows

A new objective examination of almost a quarter-of-a-century of ocean acidification research shows that, despite challenges, experts in the field can have confidence in their research.
24-Sep-2023 8:00 PM EDT Add to Favorites

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Devastating causes of childhood dementia revealed

It is a heartbreaking condition that robs children of their ability to walk, talk and recognise their loved ones and now the latest research has revealed the true impact of childhood dementia globally.
18-Sep-2023 12:05 AM EDT Add to Favorites

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New clues to the nature of elusive dark matter

A team of international researchers, led by experts at the University of Adelaide, has uncovered further clues in the quest for insights into the nature of dark matter.
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Engineering of plant cell wall modifying enzymes opens new horizons

A newly discovered way of optimising plant enzymes through bioengineering has increased knowledge of how plant material can be converted into biofuels, biochemicals and other high-value products.
5-Sep-2023 8:05 PM EDT Add to Favorites

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Study reveals winning combination for sports-related shoulder injuries

Starting a robust exercise program sooner after surgery could prevent patients with dislocated shoulders from sustaining a repeat injury and help them return to sport faster.
29-Aug-2023 9:05 PM EDT Add to Favorites

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Endangered bats’ ruling roost discovered in Fiji

A cave containing thousands of endangered Pacific Sheath-tailed bats has been discovered on Vanua Balavu, an island on the remote Lau archipelago in Fiji.
29-Aug-2023 7:05 PM EDT Add to Favorites

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Research informs WHO malaria net guideline update

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has updated its recommendation for malaria-preventing mosquito nets based on new research from the University of Adelaide.
14-Aug-2023 11:30 PM EDT Add to Favorites

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UK Space Agency backs Plants for Space partner

The University of Adelaide’s Plants for Space program has attracted international investment from the UK Space Agency, through industry partner Vertical Future (VF).
15-Aug-2023 8:45 AM EDT Add to Favorites

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As the clock ticks on the Titan sub, an expert explains what safety features a submersible should have

The oxygen supply of the missing Titan submersible is expected to run out today around 10am GMT, or 8pm AEST. A frantic search continues for the Titan and its five occupants, with sonar buoys having recorded “banging” noises in the search area...
22-Jun-2023 9:00 AM EDT

Experts chart the pathway to decarbonising heavy industry

Experts will converge on Adelaide to chart the most prospective pathways to decarbonise heavy industry at this year’s High Temperature Minerals Processing (HiTeMP) 3 Forum hosted by the University of Adelaide.
22-Sep-2022 9:05 PM EDT

Discovery Casts Dark Shadow on Computer Security

Two international teams of security researchers have uncovered Foreshadow, a new variant of the hardware vulnerability Meltdown announced earlier in the year, that can be exploited to bypass Intel Processors’ secure regions to access memory and...
14-Aug-2018 7:05 PM EDT

Why It's "Homicide Bomber" Not "Suicide Bomber"

A suicide prevention expert has called for the term "homicide bomber" to replace the widely used "suicide bomber", because he says people who kill themselves while murdering others have few similarities to actual suicide victims.
3-Sep-2013 9:00 AM EDT

Omega-3 Continues to Astound Award-Winner

After decades of research, scientists continue to uncover the health benefits of omega-3 fatty acids – and there are many more discoveries yet to come, according to a nutrition researcher being honored for his lifetime of achievement in this field.
16-Apr-2012 9:00 AM EDT

Will the New World Cup Soccer Ball Bend?

Physics experts at the University of Adelaide believe the new ball created for the 2010 World Cup, called the Jabulani, will play "harder and faster", bending more unpredictably than its predecessor.
8-Jun-2010 8:00 AM EDT

Herbal Medicines Can be Lethal, Pathologist Warns

A University of Adelaide forensic pathologist has sounded a worldwide warning of the potential lethal dangers of herbal medicines if taken in large quantities, injected, or combined with prescription drugs.
8-Feb-2010 8:30 AM EST

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